Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Hi-ho the derry-o, the cheese stands alone

I was going to say that Jordan has really turned into a little human lately.

(Also, what is the derry-o?)

But the fact is that he's always been a little human. He's just getting more and more interesting, more able to express himself, and well, just MORE.

Although honestly, I have long thought that we don't really change as we age. We just become more so. (The exception to this being the things you decide to change. But those you have to actively work on, as far as I can tell.)

Anyway, now when we read, we need Doggie! Oh, wait, and Blue Doggie! And Bear!

I have wound up with a lap containing - or trying, anyway - two stuffed dogs, one bear, a large plastic fire truck, and my son. He really wasn't comfortable settling in until everyone was present.

The interesting thing is that if you try to put any of his pals in bed with him, they get flung over the side of the crib.

He'll bring Doggie (or truck, or train, or whatever) up to hold while he's being changed, but you put them in the crib together, and he marches to the side with the visitor in hand and dumps it on the floor.

We do this every so often and then tiptoe in and check once he's fallen asleep.

Nick always emerges, rejected animal in hand, saying, "The boy sleeps alone."


  1. What a sweet photo, funny story about the boy sleeping alone and how fascinating the Jordan creates an audience for story-time!

    I have wondered what the Derry-O means, too. Never figured it out though.

  2. This makes me laugh because we cannot for the life of us get Alex to care about any stuffed animal in any capacity. He loves balls - he plays with toys - but stuffed animals or favorite toys that are not balls? Not so much. It's almost bothersome.

  3. My 2 year old does the same thing with his bear, doggie, and blanket. You try to put him to sleep without them and he raises hell, but 10 minutes later they are on the floor. I chalk it up to not knowing a thing about boys. My girls would sense if I even looked the wrong way at their bears and blankets.

  4. I was the opposite. When I was little Mum and Dad used to have to put me back into bed because I would put all my dolls and soft toys and teddy into my bed and then curl up on the floor beside the bed with my blanket and go to sleep.

  5. My penchant for preferring to sleep alone started at a young age...

  6. Maiden Metallurgist - Thanks!

    HK - Oh, you're so right - an audience!

    And my friend Nicole said she thinks it's what the Irish call a farm.

    KLZ - Yes, the balls! And the cars. Balls and cars. But with the arrival of Doggie (who he got way after Blue Doggie) he suddenly got interested in stuffed animals.

    Katie - The idea of looking the wrong way at their bears and blankets makes me giggle.

    Go-Betty - That is adorable. Seriously.

    Kate - You know, I think mine did too.

  7. hi ho the dairy-oh?
    Just a thought.


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