Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hutta! Hutta!

I don't know how many of you remember the TV show M*A*S*H?

We didn't have a TV when we lived overseas, but we'd watch it religiously when we were in the U.S. I was madly in love with Hawkeye. And I sobbed at the last episode.

My dad loved the show as well, although having worked in hospitals in Vietnam in the early 60s, I think sometimes it was just too close to home.

And not to pull this post down, but I have to say, knowing how irreparably damaged my dad was from his time in Vietnam, I worry daily about our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Andie, I don't know you, but I worry about you.)

This could get very heavy very fast, and really, deserves its own post. So back to the subject at hand.

Because really, I'm here to talk about Radar. Well, helicopters. But Radar as well.

Remember Radar? He'd suddenly look up in the air and say, "Incoming wounded..." And then they'd hear the choppers.


This is exactly how Jordan is with helicopters. They fascinate him. All of a sudden, he'll stand stock still and say, "Hutta! Hutta!" and run for the windows. And then I'll hear them.

We got him a shirt with helicopters on it and it is his favorite. He loves the huttas.

So last Saturday, for Nick's birthday, we got him these helicopter cufflinks from The Crossings' Etsy shop. So Jordan and the huttas are never far away.


  1. my little brother used to call them "octer-docters" :)

  2. Haha, awesome. My first nephew was the same way about trains. Love the gift idea -- if only big M wore cuff links! Seriously though, what a great gift :)

  3. Again with the adorable. Such a sweet, sweet gift.

  4. I love Radar! And his teddy bear. My dad had a heck of a time explaining Klinger to me, though.

  5. Two thoughts:

    1) that's incredibly cute (both the hutta hutta and the cufflinks); and
    2) Wow, you have that many helicopters overhead?!?

  6. Aw, thanks - you're very sweet! We're doing just fine out here, but very much appreciate your thoughts. Seeing the amazing strides that the country is making truly makes it all worthwhile. (It's kind of sad when you realize there's still 50K troops out here, and a lot of the public has forgotten since they did the whole "end of combat" thing. Which is why we're still all armed and being shot at on a regular basis...wait... /soapbox)

    Back to the hutta-hutta's: They fly over my sleeping area all the time - Big J would have a blast. I can send you pictures of what it looks like from the air if you're interested.

  7. I am addicted to Etsy....and Pinterest...and FLICKR!!Shit I'm glad I don't have a job. I love J's word for helicopter. MASH was just one of a kind. The best. When I hear the theme song of that show with the lyrics my heart hurts.

  8. I love that helicopter cufflinks exist in the world - of course, on Etsy! Such a thoughtful gift and sweet story, Lisa.

    And, Andie, I don't know you either but am very glad to hear say things are fine for you. You're not forgotten.

  9. So cute about the 'Hutta Hutta's'!
    And thanks for the introduction to The Crossing - I've found presents for my mister for the next 5 birthday's and christmas's!

  10. Hillary - THAT is adorable!

    Laura - The kid loves cars, too, but the huttas really grab him. And I have long loved the look of an uptight man in a conservative suit. Thankfully I married a not-so-uptight man who likes to wear conservative suits. And cufflinks. :)

    Dana - Ahh, thanks. Sometimes I get it right.

    Jessica - Oh, hilarious! I'd forgotten about old Klinger!

    Luna - Thanks! And you know, I guess we do. I don't think about them as unusual, but yeah, we regularly have helicopters going by.

    Andie - It's true, I worry about all of you and wish you well. It's no small thing what you're doing on a daily basis. As for the pictures, if you have some to share, I would love them. I'll show them to Jordan!

    Lynn - You make me laugh. And MASH really was in its own class, wasn't it? I haven't seen it in years...I should go back and see if it stands the test of time.

    HK - I know, if anywhere, it's Etsy, right? Nick didn't want anything for his birthday, but I wanted to get him something, and these seemed perfect.

    K-Tee - My pleasure! I was so happy to come across it!

  11. yay! someone else who's madly in love with hawkeye! i knew i wasn't the only one. :)

  12. Ooooh... that site has some awesome cufflinks! Thanks for the pointer. :-)

  13. I am a military social worker. And yes, our troops are damaged but its not irreparable. We're doing a better job at identification and getting guys and gals into treatment. Its not perfect, we still have a long way to go (like filling the 800 openings in mental health right now) but things are looking up from Vietnam. Thats for sure

  14. I think I was about 10 when MASH ended (I'll be 40 in May, to give you some reference). I do remember having to BEG to stay up to watch the final episode. I totally wailed. Hawkeye watching the mom smother her baby, Clinger ends up staying in 'nam. Ugh.

    I worry about the troops too. My Uncle was in Vietnam. He NEVER talks about it. It had to be awful.

    One good thing is everyone seems to be really supportive of the soldiers, no matter what you think of the war. We were flying to NYC and there was a soldier flying home from Afganistan. He was allowed to get off first and the entire plane was clapping for him.

  15. Viet Nam was a disaster on so many levels. Looks like the same will hold true of the current conflicts.

    I loved MASH as well - especially Klinger and Radar: )

    The cufflinks are cool! Best of all is the "hutta hutta!" That must be so much fun!

  16. Hutta lol thats the sound they make I guess. My Nephew used to call them Ockdoctors`.
    Andy it's good to hear things are progressing over there. Every time I read or hear something from over there my heart twists, I lost someone I loved in Afgahanistan in 2006. My life right now would be very different if he was still here with me.


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