Thursday, February 01, 2007

Skinning My Knee On a Wall

I skinned my knee on the wall of the gym last night. Seriously.

I'd never looked at the walls before. They're stucco (?) patterned with rough ridges. This makes them extra rough. I'm not even exactly sure what I was doing. I was squeezing behind one machine, I think, and I raised my knee and swiped it against the wall. Hard. Hard enough to abrade the skin all the way across.

So it doesn't really look like I skinned my knee falling down or anything. It looks like I have rug burn. Luckily it's winter, and nobody, except at the gym, is seeing me in shorts.

I couple summers ago I went rock climbing for the first time. I loved it, but I beat the shit out of my knees. I just kept bumping into the rocks. Or cramming a knee against the rock as I was trying to reach for a hold.

My knees were black and blue by early afternoon. I bruise easily and quickly, and these were astounding.

It was summer, and hot, and as such I put on shorts to walk over to my friend's house and return her harness. Usually I walk down the street oblivious, but I was just strolling along, not listening to music, and so paying more attention to the people around me.

I noticed this guy walking towards me giving me a funny look. Weird, but people are weird.

But it kept happening. The next one, I paid attention. He looked at me, looked down at my knees, looked back up at my face, raised his eyebrows, and smiled.

The third guy, same thing. Face, knees, face. Odd look on his face, and kind of a smirk.

This time, I figured out the look.

And it was something along the lines of, "Oh, wow! She likes it rough from behind on a hardwood floor!"

I wore pants till the bruises disappeared.


  1. HAHAHAHA!!!

    Don't worry, we don't think like that ALL the time. Pretty girls definitely inspire the naughty thoughts, though.

  2. Thanks! I'm glad to hear it's not ALL the time.

  3. OMG, too funny!! I know the bruises you speak of only too well (from rock climbing, of course!!! Geez...)

  4. Thank you both! Girl and dog - that summer I was so bruised and skinned and scraped. It's a fantastic sport, though!

  5. I kind of like getting bruised and scratched up--to a degree. Shows you're not afraid to take chances (whether on a rock or on the floor of your apartment ;).


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