Monday, February 12, 2007

Turquoise Boots, Blue Mascara

My friend Laura and I were walking down 17th Street Saturday night on our way to dinner before a birthday party. She was wearing these gorgeous turquoise suede boots she got in Buenos Aires.

I covet these boots. I don't tend to buy flat shoes, but if I did, I'd want these boots. She's this beautiful, tall, willowy blonde who doesn't need the extra inches of heel that I'm always wearing.

So we were walking along, immersed in a very profound conversation - talking about eyelashes and how we both used to wear blue mascara. When I was in high school I had the best mascara ever. It was by Mary Quant, and I got it in London. It was electric blue and had the perfect mascara consistency. I've looked for it since and never found it.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit how enthusiastically we were discussing makeup products, particularly since neither of us wear much. But anyway. There we were, walking at top speed to keep warm, intent on the blue mascara, and mostly oblivious to the world going by.

We were somewhere around National Geographic when Laura yelled, "Ow! My foot!"

We both looked down and a hubcap, which had just ricocheted off her heel, was spinning down the sidewalk.

"That hubcap just ran into my heel!"

It was moving fairly quickly, so it must've just flown off a car. But as I said, we were in the pretty, sparkly world of makeup and rainbows whenever it was that that car passed by.

Laura lifted her foot to inspect her boot.

"Are you OK?"

She said, "My foot is fine. Honestly, I was more worried about my boot."

"I hate to tell you, but I was wondering. They're such great boots."

"Wow, Lisa. You know, this reminds me. In law school, we would read these cases about people walking down the street, and a couch would randomly fall out of a window and land on them. And they'd be dead."


"Yeah. Like, here we are, walking down the street, talking about stupid things like blue mascara one minute, and then the next minute, killed by a big brown couch."

"We should definitely be doing more meaningful things with our time."

"I know. Let's get a glass of wine."


  1. I love it. I am sending you a picture of my boots shortly.

  2. Awesome boots! No wonder you covet them.

  3. Mysterygirl - thanks!

    DCup - I know! They are such cool boots!


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