Friday, April 27, 2007


The truth is that I want to kick and scream and yell and break things. I thought I wasn't mad. Actually, I'm furious.

Everyone thinks I'm handling it so well, being so positive. I thought I was just sad, and I am so sad for my dad. You don't do something this desperate just for attention. He is truly tortured.

But he's shattering all of us. And I'm exhausted. Enraged at seeing my mother and my brother so crushed. Livid that we're going through this again. Mad doesn't begin to describe it.


  1. You deserve to be, and it's a totally rational, normal, and expected part of processing all this. Be mad. It's good for you, and it'll pass.

  2. If you weren't mad (angry), you might be considered mad (not mentally healthy).

    I agree with lmnt. Be mad. Better that than a bottled up mess.

  3. Fear comes first, then ebbs into concern -- once he's out of immediate danger, you have the freedom to be angry.

    I understand. Be angry.

  4. Howdy. I'm here via DCups' joint.

    Prayers, good vibes, happy-happy thoughts and good karma headed yer way from Oklahoma.

  5. LMNt - Thanks, you're right. And thanks for the call.

    DCup - I am letting it all out. It's helping.

    SA - That's exactly right. I was terrified, and now that it seems like all will be ok (eventually) anger is setting in.

    ER - Thanks so much for all the good thoughts and karma from Oklahoma!


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