Sunday, April 15, 2007

Perhaps Part of the Reason I Have Never Been a Numbers Person

I like to think of myself as open minded. But there are a variety of things I just don't get.

At 7 this morning, AKA the crack of dawn, I staggered downstairs. I'd gone to sleep scant hours prior, around 2 am. Because Chicago is fun. But that is a story for another day.

So I struggled down to the staff room, checked in with our meeting planners, and then went into a meeting room trying to find one of the guys filming the event.

The workshop started at 8:30. And there were attendees already sitting in the room, waiting! Honest to God. Just hanging out. Waiting.

And then one of the speakers showed up, and he turned out to be a dick and a half. He was mean to the AV guys, and condescended to me. And I just peered at him with as much "I loathe you quickly and thoroughly, you angry toad." as I could muster.

But despite my lack of sleep and a mild case of the bird flu and sudden irritation, I realized that actually, I could list offhand a variety things to be thankful for then and there.

Starting with the fact that I am not an accountant. I will never, pray God, have to be an accountant. I do not get excited by accounting workshops.

And even if I did find this shit interesting, I have more imagination than to show up to a hotel ballroom a bloody hour and a half before a program starts, and just sit and wait.

Why the hell would you spend more time sitting in a hotel meeting room than you have to?

Because, you guys, it's Chicago, and Chicago is fantastic! It's chilly but sunny! Go out for breakfast! Go for a run! Meander down Michigan Avenue! Read the Sunday paper at Starbucks! Sit in your hotel room in your underwear and watch porn with the curtains open!

Honestly, there are 8 trillion things more interesting than waiting, on the edge of your seat, just sitting and waiting, for an accounting workshop to begin.


  1. Chicago kicks ass! :)

    I forgot how much I love this city. Love it, love it, love it! :) And miss it, miss it, miss it! :(

    Praying that I get a site here again soon...

  2. "Accountants Gone Mild."

  3. Chicago... blah. Over rated. :-P

  4. I can relate to your feelings. Which reminds me, I need to email you about when we might get together next week!

    The property managers are the same way. Many of them show up early, I guess, to mill about and chat with each other, but when you're trying to do the last minute meeting stuff? Underfoot.

  5. My mother? A CPA. I can recall waiting with some impatience for the freedom her conferences would bring me... does that count?

    Hope you're feeling better!

  6. Chicago is amazing! I am so jealous (in a good way). Dump those stiffs and go have fun!

  7. LBL - It's such a fabulous city, I agree with you! I wish I had more play time here.

    Anon - Ha!

    VVK - What's not to like?

    DCup - Yes! Let me know your schedule! We can also play it by ear depending on how your conference is going.

    Dagny - As creative as you are, I'm going to bet your mom isn't one of the ones to show up an hour early to accounting workshops, though.

    G&D - Exactly what I need to do! I get to play tomorrow afternoon and night! Yay!


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