Monday, April 02, 2007

Sure! AND It's Kosher For Passover!

You know how sometimes you say something, and as you hear yourself saying it, you know how utterly stupid it is? And you wish you could just snatch those words out of the air and cram them backwards into your mouth? But since that is an absolute impossibility, you just have to bank on the fact that your friends know you're not a moron?

I have a friend who is Jewish, but not religious. He eats pork. Pork, in fact, is one of his all-time favorite things ever.

He recently took a trip to Spain, mainly for the ham. Really. It was a ham-focused food tour of Northern Spain. Apparently it was amazing.

A group of friends were getting together last week to hear about the trip. I said I expected some pork tales.

He said, very cleverly, "Do you mean 'pork tales' or 'pork tails'?" Heh heh.

He added, "Because the latter is a delicacy, you know."

This led to me point out that that would mean eating the part of the pig closest to the butt hole, and was he serious?

He was dead serious. And, he added, people even eat cow anus. This I find truly hard to believe. And is off topic. But since you know I love to talk about that sort of thing, still gross enough to mention.

So when we all got together, I of course wanted to hear about the eating of the pig's tail.

He said it's not actually the tail, but the fatty part around it. And it's delicious.

And I. (I'm cringing all over again as I write this.) I said, "Wow. Is this a Jewish delicacy?"


  1. Oh, we Jews sure do have lots of delicacies, but pork-bottom isn't one of them =)

    And just for good measure, a little Jew Trivia: There are pig farms in Israel. Good industry actually. How does Israel deal with this seeming contradiction-of-faith-for-profit? They raised the farms off of the natural earth. So, the pig farms aren't on israeli land, but rather like a few inches off of it.

    We can talk our way into anything if it turns a profit =)

    And on that note: Happy Passover, Y'all!

  2. Is that better or worse than the concept of eating pigs feet? C'mon now, you know what they wallow in...

  3. AJ - Thanks for that surprising piece of info! Happy Passover!

    I-66 - I dunno. My Norwegian heritage includes pickled pig's feet. Something else I will never, ever try.

  4. Maybe we should serve it at our wedding bash.

  5. Homer Simpson: Mmmm. Hey, this hot dog tastes different.
    Apu: Yes, I just cleaned out the machine sir, so the snack you are enjoying has not been soaking in its putrid grease.
    Homer Simpson: Yeah ... but without all the grease all you can taste is the hog anus.

  6. We're so far removed from family functions in Chicago that we almost had ham for dinner tonight. We totally forgot about Passover!

    Instead we went gourmet with cheeseburgers without buns. We made a little effort with gefilte fish (blech!)with horseradish. Okay - cheeseburgers are NOT kosher, but we met the rules half-way.

    We capped it off with salty tears from The Baby who is convinced that The Honey always, always, always lets The Boy do what he wants and never, never, never lets her do anything!

    All in all, a pretty good Passover for us. And no one spilled wine. Yay!

  7. this is marvelously funny, and sounds like something I would say to my Jewish Canadian friend. Along the lines of "they have Jews in Canada?"

  8. HKW - Oh, my! I'd assume face cheeks, but I'm curious too!

    Anon - That's funny. Now I'm wishing I'd watched more TV.

    DCup - Happy Passover, no matter what you're eating! The youngest is going to have things the easiest of all. She'll appreciate that one day.

    Moosie - Thanks! Ooh, lot of fun possibilities for things to say to Canadians!

  9. Heather: "When you were in Barcelona, were the pig cheeks from the face? Or the rear?"
    Luke: Laughs. "From the face. They serve the jaw, including teeth."
    Heather: "Ew! Seriously? I'd rather have the butt."

  10. Heather, I might have to agree with you on that one. Pig face with teeth? Yikes!

  11. Man, don't I feel snubbed. Neglecting me already?


  12. Well, you know, the ones you're closest to are the ones you take for granted...Or maybe it was that you didn't buy me a rock as big as your friend's. No, no, I'm sorry I missed your comment! I'm just not used to getting so many!


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