Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'll try to assuage your fears as best I can

A number of people have asked for pictures. And details.

Who is this guy I've agreed to spend the rest of my natural born life with?

So here you go. This is a picture Nick made of our wedding as soon as we got engaged.

Now, I know you might be worried about us for a myriad of reasons, so let me just list any fears I can think of that you might have. And then try to assuage them, to the best of my ability.

If you have any other questions or frets, I'm happy to answer them.

You might start by wondering why I'm marrying someone with a head eight times the size of mine? And, perhaps more worrisome, way too big for his own body?

The answer there is that size doesn't matter, and I love him, no matter how oddly proportioned he might be. Sickness and health, and all that.

You might also be concerned because I've clearly got some weird and jagged chin/neck thing going on. Plus my face doesn't match the rest of my body. What, you might be wondering, is wrong with Lisa's face? Chin? Neck?

All I can say is, yes, that's true. I'm not always so great with the makeup. And in our wedding photo, I'm just plain having a bad chin day. We all have them. But my hair looks pretty good, doesn't it?

And finally, you might be scared that I am marrying someone who looks like he escaped from an insane asylum.

To that, my best explanation is as follows. Yes, he is a little crazy, but not flat-out batshit insane.

He just looks like that because, well, sometimes he likes to.

You see, he's taller than a lot of people, and so, at places like, oh, New Year's Eve parties, he finds great amusement in inserting himself in other people's photos. You'll look at a number of pictures from that night and see a bunch of normal, smiling, festive people. And then an alarming, crazed-looking head floating above the crowd.

Some people might be like, wtf?

And I am all, um, yeah, I know. He so clearly fits right in with my people.


  1. hahaha re: "he finds great amusement in inserting himself in other people's photos."

    He is, I believe, quite perfect for you.

  2. hmmm... I think he needs a photoshop class. :-)

    Also, does he have a tail? Inquiring minds want to know...

  3. I love the single long curl he let you have. :)

  4. I like him even more already.

  5. Nicole - I dated a number of men who thought I was too goofy. Like, I was great when I behaved, but they'd get a little twitchy when I went past their level of OK goofiness. And now I feel so very lucky.

    VVK - I have nooo vague idea what kind of program he used for this - paint? He doesn't have photoshop, I'm quite sure. As for the tail, definitely not. Relief!

    Sarah - Heh heh.

    SD - Thank you! Big hug to you!

  6. Have you asked if he intends to move to a farm?

    Great photo, really, really funny.

  7. No nitpicking required, I say we just score one for my socially inept, troglodyte brethren. We're all the rage this year you know.

    Congratulations Doll

  8. I love this picture! But is that background a farm? I wonder. You're both a million zillion times cuter (but your hair DOES look nice here), but this truly captures a MOMENT.

  9. HKW - You know, I have asked. Because, being the non-nature person that I am, I'd rather spoon my eyes out. So I figured best to know before marrying the person.

    Anon - Heh, although I got sick of dating them, troglodyte is one of my favorite words! Thanks!

    Janie - It makes me giggle every time I look at it. Nick said he found the married couple on Google images, so no clue where it actually is.

  10. Hey! Nick is artistic! I loved the mixed media. And he helped you out with a lovely dress, too!

    You guys seem like the perfect couple. I just hope it's not raining diarrhea on your wedding day.

    So messy.

  11. Hahahahahahaha! That made me laugh out loud. God, me, too. It would be a stinky way to spend the day AND really suck for the photos as well.


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