Thursday, October 29, 2009

Air Jordan

First and foremost, thank you all for the poo stories and commentary from various countries. I love them, and I adore all of you. You know I do.

And secondly, I got an adorable Halloween outfit for Jordan. I'll try to take pics and post them tonight. He's attending Jane's wedding in costume.

Because tomorrow Jordan takes his first plane trip! He, Betty and I fly to San Diego for Jane's wedding.

Yes, I am terrified.

I've always loathed people with babies on planes. And now I am going to be one of those people.

And I have learned what everyone else knew: you can't just make your baby be quiet.

Months ago, when I was still preg, Jane called to say they were getting married, and could we make it out to San Diego on October 31? If not, as we're essentially family, they'd look at other dates.

We said absolutely we'll be there.

And then Jen, lovely Jen announced that she is getting married in Macedonia! on November 7 - the following weekend! And immediately I said I'd be there. Of course I wouldn't miss her wedding.

I figured, great! We'd fly to California for the weekend, come back Monday, have a few days to pack and get on East coast time and then turn around and head to Macedonia.

Because it would be that easy.

And then I had the kid.

Probably I am less combobulated than other people, but it can take me all day to gear up for and recover from a trip to the pediatrician. It's getting easier, the arriving somewhere on a schedule. But it still frazzles me.

I had to tell Jen that there's no way we can make it to Macedonia, sad as that makes me. I just cannot imagine the trip with Jordan, the flights, the changing planes, the time change, the language difference, the everything. Without Nick.

But San Diego, San Diego, here we come. People on the plane, prepare to hate us.

I am nervous beyond belief.


  1. You'll be fine - one look at that cute baby's face and your seat neighbors will be in love. Maybe he could wear his little pirate outfit and garner even more adoration that way?

  2. Make sure you are feeding him when the plane takes off and lands... the swallowing will help with the pressure and he'll be less likely to scream!

  3. As a person without kids, I NEVER get upset over babies that little crying. I get upset over children who are old enough to KNOW how to behave but don't. Jordan will do wonderfully!! Have fun!!

  4. You will all do wonderfully. And once you've done it, you'll feel like you can conquer anything, I bet.

    More importantly, what snacks are you having???

  5. Honestly, even if people get pissed, who cares? Not like you know them.

  6. I agree with Jules. Babies can't help it, the pressure change is scary and they dont know how to pop their ears. Little speaking, kicking, screaming preschool age children should be caged until they can behave.

  7. How comfortable are you with public nursing? The babe being all snuggled in and cozy really makes things much more calm.

    A new toy helps too.

  8. I'm a naturally grumpy person and even I do not hate babies on planes. I hate disobedient children and snotty toddlers who are defiant, not babies who do not know any better. Besides, you'll have Betty. If Jordan is really heinous, just roll your eyes at Betty as you pass Jordan to her and say (loudly) that SHE decided to have a midlife crisis so SHE can be responsible for taking care of him on the plane.

  9. Traveling with a baby isn't so bad. I've taken my own tyrant prince on 4 cross country trips in the past year. (One solo!) There are some advantages to traveling with a kid: 1) you get to pre-board and won't have to fight with the other passengers for carry-on space; and 2) more than likely, if the flight is not completely full, whoever your aisle mates are (excluding Betty) will more than likely try to find another seat. People are more tolerant than you might think.

  10. Young babies are actually the easiest to travel with (as baby travel goes). They just sit or sleep in your lap, and they can't go anywhere. As for the ear popping, just let him nurse during takeoff and landing and he should be fine. I traveled with Zeke when he was 5 months and it was fine.

    Now once he starts crawling and moving around, then it's cause for nervousness.

  11. Good luck! I don't mind crying newborns on planes. People who do should just buy noise canceling headphones.

    And Sara P, you kind of rock my socks off for knowing something like that. Well done.

  12. all i'm saying is baby benadryl... you know, just in case.
    and i can not wait to see the pictures of what you've decided on for him!

  13. Ooh! Good luck!

    Where in Macedonia? I have family in the Prespa area, near Skopje. Actually, really near Resen.

  14. Susan H - I totally thought about that! He is wearing cute overalls. I figure it should help.

    Sara P. - I am planning on it. I understand this helps a great deal.

    Jules - Yes. And those kids are usually with parents who haven't brought games or toys or who just aren't paying attention. They make me really mad.

    Dagny - Oh, my sweet, how you know me! Chocolate chocolate, PB&J and more chocolate. And Betty is bringing sensible things like boiled eggs and chicken sandwiches.

    Lemmonex - You make a very good point. I just feel bad subjecting people to possible hours of screaming as I've been so resentful in the past.

    Sgt. Social Worker - Caged until they can behave. Hahahaha!

    Mary - I'm totally fine with it if it makes my kid happy. And will pull out a toy for sure. Thanks.

    Hillary - I couldn't do that to Betty. I just couldn't. The idea is pretty funny, though.

    Anonymous - This made me feel better. We can settle in early and people will try to find other seats. Yay!

    Wendy - I have heard that this small is the best time, but I'm still daunted.

    And as for when he can crawl, ugh ugh ugh.

    Jane - I will tell that to anyone who complains. Ha!

    nosojenny - It's an appealing idea but I don't think I can.

    And I will post! It's cute!

    Suniverse - Jen lives in Skopje. I've never been and would love to go. Their wedding is going to be spectacular, too.

  15. I thoroughly have to agree with all the breastfeeding during takeoff and landing suggestions. It totally helps with the ear popping, which is what makes them cry at that age. Even later, when the confinement becomes more of an issue for them, boobie milk is a very seductive soother. That is the strategy I used with Benji on his myriad baby flights and people used to compliment us as they disembarked. At first I worried I'd be making other passengers uncomfortable with the semi public breastfeeding but people would way rather see your boobs than hear your child wailing. Actually, that's probably true in any context.
    You will be fine and people will be beaming Jordan. He's lovely and mellow. It's changing the poopy diaper in the tiny bathroom that you have to worry about more than the crying.

  16. Lori Bouzane10/31/2009 5:03 PM

    Good luck Lisa! I am sure it will all be a wonderful time! Please send my best wishes to Jane and congrats on your first flight with the pumpkin!! Take pictures and if Ostra is there tell her I said hello and send my love!


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