Monday, October 19, 2009

If he has a blog, you know this was an "overheard at Starbucks" post

When Tori last visited, it was the weekend of my complete and utter meltdown.

It was prior to being diagnosed with PPD, and right after I'd visited the lactation consultant. I was pumping or feeding every two hours to get my milk production up.

Misery and exhaustion. And lots and lots of pumping. Pumping while eating. Pumping while chatting. Pumping, pumping, and more pumping.

Tori, who was here all weekend, had never seen breast pumping in action before. Quite frankly, if it doesn't horrify my friends, it's much nicer to be able to hang out with people while doing it than sequester yourself 54 times a day.

I mean, I don't pump milk at the bus stop or anything. I have to know you well enough to be hanging out with you in my house.

Seeing milk expressed is bizarre and actually kind of interesting. You might assume the milk comes out of one central hole, like a faucet. But really, it's more like a showerhead.

But anyway.

I had the sobbing meltdown and was on the verge of losing my mind completely when Nick stepped in and urged me out the door.

So Tori and I headed out for coffee and shopping.

As we were waiting in line at Starbucks, she said the following:

"You know, I've developed a profound respect for your boobs."

I didn't notice the reaction of the guy in front of us. But Tori did.

So she added, "And of course I respect you as a person as well."


  1. LOL!

    I would love to have seen that guys face!

  2. That's awesome. Your friends make me laugh almost as much as you do.


  3. We were in Wal-Mart yesterday picking up a few things and my husband reminded me that we needed razors and shaving cream. I had just used a Nair-like product, so I asked him why we needed it. When he replied to shave his balls, the 2 young girls near us burst into laughter and ran away. TMI, perhaps?

  4. Perfect, Tori! Wish I'd been there to buy you both a coffee and see that guys face!

  5. I would love to overhear a convo like that!

  6. Ha ha ha ha!! Awesome!

  7. Respect in-deed! Thanks for sharing - needed a laugh today :)

  8. Court - I know! Me, too!

    Dagny - Tori is hilarious, completely hilarious.

    Anonymous - That is fantastic. I love it!

    kayare - I would as well. She told me about it once we'd gotten our coffees.

    Maiden Metallurgist - Me too, actually.

    Kate - Thanks. :)

    HKW - My pleasure! :)

  9. I'm sure you two made his day!

  10. That is just absolutely perfect.

  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...'nuff said.


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