Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Feetie bla bla blas

Big J talks with his feet. Even before he could babble, his feetie feet said all kinds of things.

When he gets really excited he still kicks his socks off.

I came home on Sunday and walked in, and he smiled a huuuuge smile. And his little feeties went kickkickkickkick!

Mama! You're home! Ohhhh, yippeee! Kick kick kick!

One of the completely unexpected and overwhelmingly joyful things about having a kid is how unreservedly they show emotion. I thought having a dog was great for making you feel good about yourself.

Babies are even better. Like, 39 gazillion times better.

Seriously. You walk in and you get this look that's all, "Oh, HI! You're the greatest person in the entire planet! I love you like crazy! And you're about to pick me up! Oh, heaven! What could be better?"

Beam beam. Kick kick kick.

It's just fantastic. It makes you feel incredible.

And I was wondering at what point we start learning to control our emotions, to hide our enthusiasm. To play it cool.

Because really, who doesn't like being beamed at? I'd love for Jordan to keep on keeping on with the beaming in delight.

The kicky feet thing, though, I could see how that could get you teased.

I mean, can't you just seem some girl in high school being all, "Yeah, I was totally thrilled when Jordan asked me to prom, and then he started doing this weird kicking thing..."


  1. Love the feet thing, so freaking cute! and wow, he is talking up a storm!

    I am dreading the day that Marion learns to hide or temper her emotions. Her pure joy and excitement is awesome to witness. Have you seen her magic princess dress Christmas reaction?

    And today, I bought her a $2 soap from the store. When I gave it to her, I was given a huge hug and told I was the best mommy on earth. :)

    I don't want these kids to grow up!

  2. I love how he manages to clasp his toes together.
    I hope you appreciate how much restraint I am exercising in not comparing your baby's feet to my dog's butt (not that your kid's feet look like a dog's butt, just that my dog talks with her butt. but not in a dirty farty way. sigh. you know what I mean.)

  3. mrsmac - Oh, no! I missed that! Just watched and that is hilarious! So running around the living room cute!

    Hillary - I am pretty sure I know what you mean, although my initial visual was kind of bizarro. And hilarious.

  4. Oh, little toddler feet are the best! I love how they're not all flattened yet, by walking on them or squishing them in shoes. They're so perfect. Sigh...

  5. Can I just munch on those adorable baby feeties, please???

    My Jess is 4 1/2 and she is still all emotion. Everything just comees out. Unfortunately, anger too, but I guess you can't choose.

    We're taking her to Disney in May. It will be her first time there. I can't WAIT to see her face when she sees the castle!

  6. Perhaps it's around the time that we learn that if we are obviously happy when we see our Cadbury eggs, our older sibling will then notice the eggs and take them for herself?

    Just, you know. As an example. I still beam sometimes, though - can't help myself.

  7. ugh, this clip makes my ovaries ache

    and the foot thing is totally keepable, as long as it's only done sitting down

  8. J talking with his feet is incredible. Children are amazing with their sincere emotion and ability to explore anything and everything. Such a cheerful post!

  9. Lovely squishy plump marshmellowy feet. I love the way babies clench their toes and foot wrestle with themselves.
    Ben used to love it when I blew raspberries on the soles of his fat little feet.
    At 16 and with his now pongy soccer boot encased feet its all I can do not to puke when I see those hairy smelly toes emerge. When oh when was his cute little marshmellow toes replaced by hobbit feet.

  10. whenever one of us gets really excited we say "stiff my feet!". One of those weird family things! I believe my aunt used to say that when she was a kid. Stretch her legs out in excitement and say "STIFF MY FEET!"

    I see the baby gal doing that too. She also still uses her feet like hands - picks things up with her feet. Bit like a chimpanzee!

  11. I love seeing how excited my baby boy gets when I come home! It's the best!! Now that he's mobile, he not only squeals with excitement, but he crawls furiously to me and climbs up my legs to be picked up. It's what I look forward to every day.

  12. oh cute! He has happy feet! My mom says that I would get happy feet whenever I was eating. And honestly, I still do. Good thing is that now my fee are under a table so it's not so weird. :)

  13. Susan H - I love those little bricks. Just love them.

    cla517 - Oh, my gosh. She is going to feel like her world is magic! You are going to have one super-excited delighted girl on your hands!

    Dagny - I still beam too, actually. Sometimes I try and fail at the poker face.

    And I bet you are so right. You learn to act nonchalant lest someone realize you like something too much and take it away. Or keep it from you. The precursor to dating, I suppose.

    nosojenny - It is an ovary achey kind of thing, the feet talking. It's so great.

    HKW - It really is cool how candid kids are. And then they learn not to be!

    Go-Betty - Yes! Squooshing those little feet! I love the raspberries on the feet too.

    Miranda - That is seriously hilarious. Stiff my feet! Fantastic!

    Anonymous - Oh, that is going to kill me when that starts happening. I already can't wait to get home to see him at night.

    Grace - I LOVE that you get happy feet when you eat. That is so cute.

  14. Okay, finally got a chance to watch this and he is so CUTE! I love his little voice. Isn't it exciting, the anticipation of hearing what he will say, with words, when he's a little older? I love this time so much with little C -- one month younger so fairly similar to where you are with big J. Similar and different. :)


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