Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The snorchle snuffle snort

Big J has started doing this snorchy little snuffle face that simultaneously cracks me up and drives me crazy.

It makes me laugh, it really does. And if you squinch up your face and snort through your nose, it delights him, and he snuffles back. So you can take turns with the squinchy snorfling.

Not that any of the adults in our household would do that or anything. At least, not on camera.

But where it drives me crayayayayzy is at mealtime. Because he'll take a couple bits, and then start with the snorfling.

Which means you can't get any food into his mouth. Which makes mealtime last 37 times longer.

Which, when you are trying to get out the door and off to work but would really like to cram just a little bit of oat cereal and fruit into your kid's gullet, is very frustrating and very not hilarious.

I then wind up saying things like, "I have to be out the door in five minutes. So just think about whether you'd like some more prunes or not."

Snuffle snorfle.

"Seriously. I'm not kidding."

Sniff sniff snorf sniff.

"OK, young man. But you're going to be hungry later."

I hear myself say these things and I just wonder who I am channeling???


  1. I looked at it three times, snuffle snorfle, snort! So funny (for me). I am sure it drives you crazy, but he clearly likes doing it. Or do you think his nose is somehow closed or something? But haha, I can imagine you all taking turns in snuffling. Chuckle.

  2. So cute! Does the feet kicking coincide with the snuffle snorfle? It seems like he kicks his feet, like a wind-up. So, maybe during meal time occupy his feet with something else and cram the oats down?

    This sounds worse than intended :) Good luck!

  3. He LOVES doing this. It's his new trick. And I laugh out loud except when I'm trying to feed him. Then I turn into a stern librarian or something.

  4. Poor kid - all these mixed messages! He probably can't quite distinguish between mealtime and playtime yet.

    But if he's anything like his parents, he's a smart kiddo, and he'll figure it out soon enough. In the meantime, enjoy the cuteness!

  5. HKW - He doesn't seem to get the feet involved during mealtime. I have tried giving him something to hold, and that seems to help. Until he sticks it in his mouth.

    Dagny - I know. Initially I laughed every time he did it, but then I realized it just encouraged him during dinner...but it is funny.

    He'll move on to the next trick in a couple weeks, I'm sure. This is just his big new favorite. It is pretty compelling, I have to say.


  6. My nephew also did the snorfle snuffle, and as a doting aunt that never had overcome it while trying to feed him before the morning commute, I only ever thought it was adorable. I loved your video of Big J.

  7. Thanks for your comment, Lisa! You got the point - I keep giggling at our arguments, too. You are my kind of person! I loved your descriptopn of yourself up there! If your son comes after you, you are in for something, haha.

  8. I live for these videos. Sigh. That little fella of yours is something special, indeed. If only he were twenty five years older...

    And I just tried the snuffle snorfle snort. Quite fun, that.

  9. That face slays me. So cute!

  10. Bahaha....he is soooo sweet.

  11. hilarious! keep the videos coming!


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