Friday, September 16, 2011

He took it all too far but boy could he play guitar

I have been fixated on these boots ever since I saw them in Paris.

(I did mention that I was in Paris, didn't I?)

These boots, should you have the inclination and the means to purchase them, are available at Zappos for $700. I have seriously thought about them every day for the last week. And although I am the queen of justifiers when necessary, there is no earthly way that I can do so.

I'm pretty sure that part of the reason I want them so badly is my deep and abiding love of David Bowie - because aren't they so Ziggy Stardust? It started in 7th grade, has lasted through many life ch-ch-ch-changes (sorry, couldn't resist), and surfaces every once in a while.

His Major Tom song? Probably one of the reasons I have no interest in space travel. Can you hear me Major Tom? Can you hear me Major Tom?

Anyway. I had this huge epiphany on our trip. Wanna hear it? Here you go.

It is SO EASY to find beautiful things when you are looking beyond your means.

How this took me this many years of concerted shopping to realize, I have no idea. All it took was one entire day spent at Galeries Lafayette, and BAM! There it was. Really expensive things are that much prettier.

Not just a little. THAT MUCH.

I was raised by parents who were kids in the Depression. I had a father who used to round us up for toilet paper runs. It was drilled into me early to never spend beyond my means.

And I don't.

I weigh purchases, I really do. My car is old, fine, and paid off. The only debt I have is property. I don't carry a balance. I have never, ever been a "that's what credit cards are for" person. Neither is Nick.

But I waaaaaaant these boots. They would change my life. They really would!

Aaaaand I know myself. I'll obsess about these for another week and then move on to the next thing. Nick is pretty glad it's no longer rabies or raccoons. But there's a wide world of potential obsessions out there.

Scary monsters, super creeps! Keep me running, running scared.

(Let's be frank: I'm probably too dorky for those boots anyway.)

Happy weekend, all!

Also, I will post Paris pictures soon, I really and truly will.


  1. I love David Bowie too! Thank you for the earworm. I mean that sincerely.

    Those boots would be amazing on you. Alas.

    Excited to see pictures! Glad you're back safe and sound.

    (A.S. / Laura)

  2. Don't you have some awesome (functional, winter) boots that you bought online after much obsessing last year?

    I just got a perfect pair of skinny jeans that really need a pair of (functional "I won't drop my baby" winter) boots to go with.

    And Minneapolis sucks for shoe shopping...

  3. A.S. - I hadn't given much thought to Bowie lately but I love him so, and I'm so glad he's resurfaced! I'm glad we share this!

    frugalveganmom - Sigh! I can tell from that first little sentence that you are not a shoe enabler. Because yes, you are right. And I have worn those boots a million times and they are warm and wonderful. But these are so completely and totally different. (Aren't they all?)

    I do almost no shoe shopping in person anymore. I would actually really like to work for Zappos; I've heard it's a cool company, and I'm pretty sure I'd be delighted to think about shoes all day every day.

  4. Polyvore. My new addiction. Shoe enabler and much more.

  5. i know! i get all teary at "tell my wife i love her very much--she knows"! such a dork. and i'm ( a little) younger than you, so most of my friends are all 'huh? you mean bauhaus major tom?' sigh...anyhoo, glad you're back, and, no, you do not need $700 boots. did you watch Friends? when monica buys the boots and her feet are literally bleeding and she still won't admit defeat? this is what i'm picturing. i can drop $700 on a table or a couch, but shoes (and i lurrve them), i draw the line around $175, $180. that said, if you do find the means (that IS what credit is for, wink), post a pic immediately, for i am imagining you teetering in them right now...:-)

  6. Yup very Ziggy Stardust and totally gorgeous on Bowie but you are so little and they look so heavy :S. I would fall off them and break my ankle I am sure. Move on there is nothing to see here :-D.

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those boots!!!!!!! So gorgeous!!! $700 is very hard to justify, but perhaps, one day, the sale gods may shine down upon those beautiful babies =D

  8. Keep checking Ebay and Google for sales. They WILL eventually go on sale.

  9. I'm a shoe enabler but not a debt enabler. $700 is pretty steep. But if you love them, indulge!

    I'm not helpful, sorry.

    I used to work with a guy named Tom and would send him instant messages which started with "Ground control to Major Tom". He laughed every time.

  10. My sister and I have an odd talent--odd given that we do NOT come from money. (Mom and Step-father are retired schoolteachers.) If you place an array of anything--watches, shoes, draperies, dishes, pens, backpacks, WHATEVER--in front of us, the one we like best will be the most expensive option. Every single time.

  11. Sorry to be an enabler, but... OMG.


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