Thursday, September 01, 2011

Yeah, neither of us have any idea why I do this kind of thing either

Some background: So, before Jordan was born, one of the things I was most worried about, aside from how to keep my baby alive in general, was what do do with all the shit.

I mean that quite literally.

So after asking friends and reading on the Internet and what have you, I went out and bought a Diaper Champ. We immediately all hated it. And then we were all, do we spend more money on a Diaper Genie? Do we get another kind? What do we do?

And then we realized we had this great kitchen trash can we weren't using. It's metal, and opens when you step on it, and has these two flaps that close tightly at the top. You just use normal garbage bags.

It is kind of perfect. I mean, when it's closed.

When you open it, if there's poop in there, you get a whiff of death. But it does the job we need it to, and I would go this route again without dicking around with stupid baby diaper pails.

OK. So the metal part does not get stinky, but the plastic trash can inside does. Which is why I like to pull it out and clean it and let it bake in the sun on the deck every so often.

So the other night Nick was changing Jordan, and I came in, opened the trash can, and pulled out the entire inside can. Nick thought I'd made a mistake and said, "Just pull the bag out!" (See below. And no, I don't know why he looks like he has mutant hands and wears bell bottoms. Neither are true.)
Anyway, this was NOT what I wanted to do, because the stink, it was not limited to that bag.

But Nick decided to take charge of the situation, and grabbed the bag by the handles and cinched it. (Also, sorry for making him look like he has a pea-head. He actually has an unusually large one.)

This made me mad.
So I said, "But the plastic can smells too! I need to clean it."

And then, as if to prove my point, I bent over and stuck my head in and inhaled, really deeply.

I'll show him, I will.And then I almost threw up, right then and there.

I don't think I've ever seen Nick laugh so hard in all the time I've known him.


  1. We also use a regular garbage can. It usually works pretty well.

    Olivia had a leaky diaper that managed to leak on all of us before we noticed. Except I wasn't positive it leaked on me because I was wearing black pants, and it looked like they had a spot on them, but I wasn't sure it was a poo spot. So I took the pants off and held them up to my nose. Um, yeah, unnecessary. Poo smell is clear without putting my nose right in it.

    It always *seems* like a logical thing to do, is what I'm saying.

  2. Damn dont you hate it when doing something to prove your point kinda backfires on you and they laugh.
    I used the same thing and I totally get what you are talking about , you absolutely have to clean the plastic pail and bake it in the sun to destench it. Especially as they get older their poo gets more potent.
    Totally Nick trying to take Mantrol (Man control) of the situation.

  3. Nicely done :)))))))) Kudos on NOT throwing up. I probably would have.

  4. You're an artist! Really, lol, the pictures and your explanations are priceless!

  5. I would have laughed too.

  6. Lisa, thank you, thank you, thank you for ending my week on a high note. I will never attempt to argue with you. You, Lisa, are like the Keyser Soze of point proving. As Verbal Kint said, "Then he showed those men of will what will really was."

  7. Lisa, this made me laugh so dang hard! :)

  8. For Chance we also use a regular trash can, but we use an oder eaters sort of trash bag. You know, the kind that is SUPPOSED to lock out oder? They do pretty okay unless your kid has had a massive blowout of epic proportions, which ours has a tendency to do.

    I bleach out the can itself. My would-be spouse has never understood this, but he's never SMELLED the can itself. Why? Because the man has NO sense of smell. Literally. There has to be poo on him for him to know that the baby has pooed at all.


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