Friday, August 17, 2012

Games little people play

By little people I do mean my soon-to-be three-year old and his little friends, rather than little people as in little people.

Because while I am prone to sweeping generalizations, they don't tend to be along the "stuff white people like" lines. So I would never be all, little people? They love to play Monopoly. For example. Unlike big people. Who tend to enjoy Backgammon. And red meat.

That is, as far as I can tell from the one giant data point with whom share my life.

Anyway, I don't actually know anything about little people. At least, not more than I learned while watching that documentary with the not-dead-dwarf baby. Perhaps fortunately for Nick, dwarfism isn't so present in my mind as a topic along with rabies and raccoons.

And on a side bar, Nick had a girlfriend who once introduced him to one of her friends with, "This is John. You're both tall."

To which I would now add, "Perhaps you'd like a bratwurst?"

Which leads me to Curious George. Why doesn't he have a tail? And seriously, what is the deal with the man with the yellow hat? It's not just a yellow hat. He wears an entire yellow outfit, with his yellow pants tucked into his boots.

The hell?

Anyway. Jordan's birthday is on Sunday. We are having a little party for him. We were thinking some kids, some food some cake...

And then the other night he said, "Daddy, I know what birthday parties are! Curious George had a birthday! You have decorations and hats and cake and games!"

Oh, right. Of course!

So I asked my nursing-about-town friend if she'd like to go to the party store in Bailey's Crossroad and she asked if it was the gay pickup one. Because apparently one of them is, or used to be.

If it was, it wasn't clearly so on a Tuesday at noon.

We got an assortment of Cars-related stuff, as Jordan has always been an automobophile, or whatever you might call someone who loves all things vehicle-related, and is currently enamored of Lightening McQueen and his pals. Seriously. We'll be walking down the street and he'll say, "Hey, there's your car, Mama!"

When to me it is indistinguishable from numerous other old silver Civics. Unless I look up close. Or use the horn-honker on my key ring.

But I'm stuck on games. What kind of games do three-year olds play?


  1. How about pin the tail on curious george? Oh wait, he doesn't have tail...

    Musical chairs could be entertaining too.

  2. You could teach them the hokey-pokey, or even the chicken dance - experience tells me they LOVE to cluck. And everyone wants to get the prize for being the best chicken (even my father, who's had a lock on that honor for as long as I can remember).

  3. Set out some art supplies and play dough and let them get creative.

  4. Zinfandelina8/17/2012 7:23 PM

    Not really a game...but kids love them: temporary tattoos! We stocked up for my little girl's 4th birthday party this weekend. It keeps kids pretty entertained for a while!

    Second the art supplies. At the family reunion this weekend we set out a bunch of $1 coloring books from Michael's and it was good quiet time for overstimulated kids.

  5. Musical Chairs! And dress up (just hats, masks and fake swords should do it). Hours of entertainment!

  6. You can set up some kind of relay race- look for some fun ideas online

  7. How about an Easter egg hunt. Of course it is not Easter so do a toy car hunt, or a peanut hunt or a small ball hunt; whatever. The trick is to have many and don't hide them very well. Give everyone a bag and the kids get to keep what they find. Parents can help the ones who don't quite get it. My 3 year old loved it.

  8. Simon Says. Red light green light. Hide and seek.

  9. ringa ringa rosie

  10. Some kind of obstacle course. H will be 3 in November, not even 2 weeks after I am due with this little one, so I think I am just going to do a toddler size bounce house, pin the horn on the triceratops and a simple obstacle course/scavenger hunt/Dino egg hunt.


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