Friday, October 19, 2012

India: month six

My dear, sweet India, Today you are six months old! Half a year!

I know that technically you've been a person since the minute you were born, but you're now such a real person!

You can express your likes and dislikes and it is so much fun to see your personality. When you're delighted you flap your arms and kick your legs and squirm and squeal. It's so much fun to see. I have this feeling that you may be more like me than your father - super happy when you're happy, and super not when you're not.

But we'll see.

Most of the time you're happy and extremely smiley and you beam at everyone. And you clearly expect them to smile back. And they do.

This past month has been a huge one. The biggest, most dramatic development was that you started sleeping through the night.

It was brutal getting to that point, and there was a lot of screaming. A lotlotlot. It was rather terrible, and there was a lot of not sleep all around and maybe a good deal of bitterness as well.

But now you sleep from about 6:30 pm until 4:30 am, and that has changed all of our lives. You wake up, eat, crash out again for a couple more hours, and wake up in a good mood.

You look at your brother with absolute adoration. And today he told me that he loves you so much! Melted my heart.

When he comes into a room you're in, the first thing he does is say, "Can I see my baby?"  And then he promptly walks over to you and takes away whatever it is you're playing with.

In other words, I think he's mostly past his jealousy, but not entirely.

You can't yet sit up on your own, but you roll and flip like a fiend. You have the cutest little chortle. You are super chatty.

I love it.

You are pure joy, you really are.

Except when you scream - shrilly, loudly, and evilly - which you do when you are not getting what you want. Then I catch a tiny little glimpse of, oh, I don't know, something that furthers my suspicion that you and I, my darling, might have more in common than is readily apparent.

I love you love you love you,


So, ya know.


  1. Love this post and picture! The kids will enjoy reading these when they are older: ) Happy weekend!

  2. I love these notes! She's a beauty too!

  3. Aaa! FEET!!! I love her feet.
    Hope that doesn't sound too weird.
    I love these posts! They always make me wish I could have another baby though.

    1. Not at all - baby feet are delicious! And I have moments of wishing I had another baby in my future...but I am so happy to never never never be pregnant again.

  4. HOW is she 6mos. already?!?
    also, she's still the cutest but is definitely starting to look more like Mama now... lucky girl!

    1. The time! It flies! And thank you for saying that - Jordan is so firmly Nick, I want one of our kids to take after me!

  5. Love this post and this picture. She's beautiful!

  6. She does look like such a "real person" now!! Glad to know the stealing of toys is happening with you too - Jane does it with the 6 mo. old we nanny for and it's pretty much the only time I get angry and try to make a mean face and say "give her back that toy NOW". Otherwise she is very sweet and concerned when the baby is crying!

    1. I think the toy thing is probably inevitable. Everything looks more fun when someone else wants it.

  7. Keep up the good work LG. You are doing a fabulous job xx


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