Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh, yeah, and there were panda bears as well

 On Monday, Jordan’s school was closed, and he stayed home with Nanna.

Actually, they were barely at home. They had a day of adventure planned. A big ZOO day!

I myself am not a fan of zoos – they make me sad, plus this one time, in Bangladesh, a monkey reach through the bars and got hold of my hair and wouldn't let go and my dad was holding my legs and the monkey my hair and it kind of scarred me for life.

However. The National Zoo is a great place to take kids, and the distance between the animals and the humans is such that your kid is not going to get grabbed by a monkey. There are tons of animals! The famous pandas! Big, wide walkways for strollers. Places to run and play. And free! (Which I find astounding, as zoos are so expensive to maintain.)

We spent the weekend building up the zoo outing – talking about our favorite animals, and what Jordan thought he’d see there. Jordan said his favorite animal was the tiger. And then verified with Nick that tigers are nice to little boys, and don’t scare them, do they, Daddy?

 Nick assured him that tigers are nice to little boys.

When I got home from work Monday night, Jordan was reclined against Betty, exhaustedly picking at his macaroni.

Had they had a good day? Oh, yeth!

Betty said they had spent hours and hours at the zoo. It was so big! Then, then they went to this frozen yogurt place where you go around to all these machines and put the yogurt in yourself and then sprinkle pixie dust on top!

Since he was out with his grandmother - this particular grandmother - they had dessert and then looked around for lunch. They then found the best noodles!

After these adventures, they headed home for what turned out to be a teeny tiny almost non-nap nap due to the arrival of a giant monsterpoop. Could’ve been a good nap, but after the cleanup, the nap was shot all to hell.

They then headed over for a visit at the day care to see his absolute favorite teacher, who just got back from maternity leave. He had been devastated when she left, and was thrilled to see her. She gave him two little cars for presents. It was a total love-fest.

This was what Jordan said: "We went to day care! Claudia gave me two cars! They're very fast."

"Did you go to the zoo?"

"Oh, yeth! We went to the zoo! We had ice cream! We had noodles!"

 Equal billing for all. And this was as much information as I got out of him. He was tired.

Nick got home in time to tuck him in. When this is the case, they lay in the dark and talk about Jordan's day.

Later that night Nick said, "I don't think the zoo made much of an impression."

"Why not?"

"Because when I asked him what he saw there he said ' There was a crane and a digger and a backhoe!'"


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    1. Yes, he's very stereotypically BOY. It's astounding to me!

  2. I have an aunt that I think might *still* be mad at me for our visit to the Bronx Zoo when I was about six years old. We were there pretty much all day, and I remember getting really tired and sitting on the chains they'd strung up between pylons (to keep people off the grass and whatnot). When my aunt asked me what my favorite part of the zoo was, at the end of the day, I said "swinging on the chains". Ah well. We like what we like - and it's really nice that they had stuff J likes at the zoo.

    1. When I was maybe 10, my uncle rented an RV and took my mother, brother, grandmother, aunt and me on a big long trip from TX, where he lived, to ND, where my grandmother and aunt lived. He thought my brother and I should see America, since we were American but didn't live here. He was so mad because I spent the entire time we were driving reading books rather than enjoying the scenery.

      As you said, we like what we like.

  3. Lol! I love what he noticed about the zoo. Then again, there was yogurt, pixie dust, his favorite teacher, and toy cars! Not gonna lie...I might not even remember the zoo if my day was that exciting!

    1. You make a very good point! All kinds of magic going on that day!

  4. (Oh, and my mother is also going to be the grandmother who feeds the children dessert first. *sigh*)

    1. And I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing - part of the joy of being a grandparent rather than a parent. But Betty lives with that boy gets a LOT of treats!!!


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