Thursday, December 13, 2012

So many times, it happens too fast. You trade your passion for glory...

I might be particularly sensitive to it because I have asthma, but generally, I think we can all agree that breathing is important.

So when my baby girl, who had been all coldy and congested, started wheezing last weekend, I got kind of freaked out. She was just sitting around panting and wheezing. You could feel the gunk in her chest rattling.

I called a couple urgent care places that said they didn't treat babies. And so I bundled her up and headed over to the ER at Children's Hospital.

It was a Sunday, and we got there around 12:45 pm. It took us about 30 minutes to get through the check-in line. As we were waiting, one of the nurses came out to assess the line, and she said that the room would start to clear out once the football game began.

Seriously. She said that there's typically a rush before and after football games, but the ER is very quiet during the game. The waiting room didn't empty out - it's not like parents who had waited through the line then bailed - but shortly after 1 pm there was no line. For a while.

I assumed people were just making their kids wait until after the game. Nick's take is that people aren't paying attention to their kids while the game is on, so don't notice they're really sick.

Either way, not so good.

They listened to India's congested little lungs and agreed that she was indeed wheezing.  So they gave her an inhaler and a spacer with a face mask. You have to spray the inhaler and then hold the mask on for six breaths. We've been doing this every four hours since Sunday afternoon.

It's pretty easy to count six breaths, because she's typically screaming like a banshee while I'm giving her the medication. It makes her almost as angry as when you try to wipe her snotty nose.

She'll squeal in protest when you get the tissue on her nose. She vastly prefers to just wipe her snot on your shoulder, I've discovered.

Yes, ew. This is love.

So, unlike Clinton, we've done a lot of inhaling, and thus we've had a lot of screaming. Just today I decided to sing to her while I'm holding the mask on her face. It totally calms her down.

So far, the song she likes best is Eye of the Tiger, or anyway, my approximation of it.

I feel like this is further confirmation that she is so my kid, and thus kind of screwed in the musical taste department.


  1. Poor baby! We have a nebulizer machine. Jess is 7 and still doesn't like to do it. Luckily, she only needs it when she gets sick.

    As for music, is it bad that I had to sing title of your post and the rest until I got to the chorus so I could figure out what it was? :)

    1. I tried to comment back like 5 times with the iPad and it kept eating them. Grr! I suppose if it turns out this is asthma, she'll have a nebulizer machine.

      I LOVE that you not only had to sing to the chorus but were actually able to!!

  2. My grandbaby hated her nose wiped until I bought her an Elmo with the sniffles. He has a tissue or some such thing attached to his hand. Press his tummy and he sneezes. That's when we would wipe his nose! and Viola! She totally lets us wipe her snotty face now no problems. I found it at Target and worth every penny!

    1. Lynn, I loathe that annoying little Elmo. He's irritated me ever since Tickle Me Elmo years and years ago. I like the idea but don't know if I can bring myself to do it...


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