Friday, January 24, 2014

So la da di da di We like to party

This is us, uncensored.

We wear tutus whenever we feel like it. I wear ugly but ridiculously comfortable felt clogs around the house. (Although I have now discovered the magic of Uggs, and I bought some purple ones on sale - they arrived yesterday, and thank you, Zappos; you are my spirit animal - and now even when I'm stark naked, I've got my Uggs on. I may never take them off. They are that awesome.)

I know, I know. Welcome to what, 2005, Lisa? Why didn't any of you people tell me about the Uggs?

But back to us. I can't dance. My boy, it seems, can twerk, although he's never seen anyone do so in his life. Certainly not his mother. See video, in which I have been ridiculed for doing "The Twist." What? He likes to bump butts.

Jordan and India like it best when they think that Nick is opposed to our underwear dance parties. So Daddy is always saying, "No! No underwear dance party!" This prompts us to break into exuberant dance mode.

The kids' favorite is when Nick's back is turned to me and I bend over and jump, bumping my butt into his, seemingly without his knowing. They howl.

So Jordan loves the tutus, which he sometimes wears on his head all Ave, Caesar!, and he loves nail polish, and purple is his favorite color. Except on the days when red is. Or pink.

India loves all of Jordan's trucks and buses and recently Nick bought her her own garbage truck and boy, is she delighted.

I know as they get older and exposed to more of the outside world - rather than mostly our crazypants house world - they will learn that there are stereotypical boy and girl colors, and boys don't paint their nails or wear lip gloss or shake their butts in tutus, and girls do girly things and whatever.

Odds are, Jordan's dream of racing India through the streets of DC, him driving an 18-wheeler and her driving a garbage truck, will cease to be The Dream.

They will stop thinking glitter is magic and that it's hilarious to do exercise videos with me. In their tutus.

But for now, it's our party we can do what we want.

(Also, I still think glitter is magic. So maybe that won't go away.)


  1. Just remember that after the world does get to them, you can still tell them it's OK to wear a tutu on your head and have a dance party! (OK. maybe not when they're teenagers). My very girly girl informed me a few weeks ago that she couldn't wear her sparkly purple butterfly shirt because "she was a tomboy now" I just told her that she didn't have to be just one thing. She could be a tomboy one day and a girly girl the next and whatever she wanted the next.

    She was thrilled, and immediately put the butterfly shirt back into rotation. Along with what she considers "tomboy" stuff!

  2. A family in which you can prance around in your tutu is the best kind of family, hands down.

  3. I really really needed this video today. We had some big layoffs at work today, but my faith in the human spirit has now been restored (no, seriously). No underwear dance party for all the world's ills!!!

  4. Wow, my first thought was BEST PARENTS EVER! I've been reading your blog since pre-Nick and I've only commented a few times. You are the parents I will never be (no kids by choice) and always hoped I would be. There is nothing better than happy kids, I know your story has been hard at times, but you know how to shine!


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