Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Chillin' in the crib + bootie butts

Apparently it is a bad idea to get in the crib with your child, even if it makes her so very happy and she goes to sleep very calmly after you hang out with her for a bit.

It turns out that together we are approximately 100 pounds over the weight limit. We could break it.

And then we would have NO CRIB. Lisa.

Nick said this. He had A Tone.

We have taken to rocking her to sleep and if she is up and disgruntled later, we gruntle her and she goes back down and we haven't had a terrible horrible no good night since last week, so there seems to be some progress.

In other news, Jordan has a bootie butt. I cannot, however, get him to shake it.Or tell me where he learned this little ditty.


  1. I had this problem with my daughter 25 years ago. When she was 18 months old I put her in a big bed and never had another problem going to be. Now, with my grand daughter I put her in a big bed and then put a gate up across the door. It worked like a charm this weekend. A book or two, a song or two and then in to the bed. And I also noted that when she is wore out from a busy day it's so much easier. Winter is hard to get that needed exercise and play time in. I'm glad you're making progress. Jordan, you are a cutie pie and so is your bootiebutt!

  2. Lynn, that is interesting. I was actually thinking that we delay putting her in a bed because I am afraid that she will get up to some kind of no good. Yes, when she is wiped out, it's all easier.

    Jordan and his bootie butt crack me up. Mah bootie butt mah bootie butt mah bootie butt butt! I now find myself singing it. Huh?

    1. I definitely made sure her room is as accident proof as can be. And I'm not that far out of ear shot. But this way she doesn't feel so caged in. Something I think the more independent types don't care for. At home they were shutting her door and she went berserk. But as soon as the door was left open she was calm.

  3. Forget Nick and his tone! I have pictures of both myself and Jess and my hubby and Jess in her crib! Now, I wouldn't make a habit of it, but once and a while?

    Kids just go crazy when they learn the word BUTT. Jess had a booty butt for a while too. We still call it a booty around here and she's 8.

    I have to admit though, I though of the Jason Durulo song, Talk Dirty to Me. The line is "I got her saved in my phone under Big Booty!" :)


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