Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Conversations with a four-year-old

Asking Politely
"Mama, would you like me to poke you with this sharp little plastic thing I found on the playground?"

"I really would not like to be poked at all. Please do not poke me."

"I was just wondering if you might like to be poked."

Maria and Arjun and Steve
"Mama, is the earth bigger than a house?"

"It's soooo much bigger than a house.  It's enormous."

"How many people live there?"

"Uh.  Billions.  Way more than we can count."

"What are their names?"

"Who gave me that shirt?"

"Maude.  It belonged to Benjamin, and he got too big for it, so Maude gave it to you."

"Maude. Oh. Is she alive or dead?"

"She's alive. Why do you keep asking if people are dead, honey?"

"I just like to keep track."

Cannot Blame Him
SOBBING, crouching on top of a low bookshelf that fits under a granite counter-top

"What's wrong, sweetheart?"

"India has poo-poo in her diaper and it's stinky!"

"And that made you cry?"

"No! I was trying to get away from it and I  banged my head on the counter!"


  1. Oh my goodness. Something to look forward to, I guess! :)

    1. I love our little conversations. I love how his brain works.

  2. Laughing out loud, for reals :)

  3. Cute cute cute. And sounds like death is present...Maybe because of Lou? or your friend who lost his partner? Hard stuff.

    1. Yah, it comes up a lot, and he knew why Nana and I went to VT and we talked a lot about it. And Larry as well. It's been a kind of deathy year so far. Fortunately, nobody he really knew - including Nick's dad - but it is clearly on his mind. But he also talks about smashing and crashing and killing, but doesn't connect that if you kill someone, they are dead and gone forever.

  4. Wise beyond his years! Such a sweet boy.

  5. Dying! I am so glad you're having fun with this. Because without seeing the humor in it, how would we or they survive.


  6. OMG, thank you Jordan, I laughed and laughed at that last one and I really needed that today!


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