Friday, May 09, 2014

What are the odds?

Sometimes if I'm worried about a character in a book, I will skip to the end to make sure they're still alive. If not, I decide whether or not to keep reading.

With books and films, I like a happy ending, no matter how implausible.

I don't want to be pulled down. I rarely want to be made to cry, even though one of my favorite movies is still The English Patient - definitely lacking a happy ending. But for the most part, I want it all to work out OK. I want children to grow and flourish. I want lovers to head off into the sunset holding hands.

My view is, reality is often rough. I want my entertainment soft and happy.

And yet it is just recently, with Frozen, which we have now watched an embarrassing number of times, that I realized the following about myself: I suspend disbelief in one hot second.

I get easily immersed in stories. You hook me with a character and I am yours and you can basically take me anywhere.


So I was watching Frozen, and there's Princess Anna, who has been so lonely and isolated for so long, and then she bumps into Prince Hans (who we now refer to as the Lying Liar Who Lies) and they're smitten with each other. I mean, they finish each other's sandwiches!

And I was all, "Wow! What are the odds?!"



  1. Ha! Yeah. I was completely blindsided by Hans's betrayal, even though the soundtrack had been playing daily in our house for 3 weeks before I got to see the movie. I can still give myself goosebumps listening to the song "Hans's Kiss" and reliving that moment.

    I admit I purposely didn't try to figure out any of the plot during those three weeks -- I cannot stand to know things about movies or books before I watch or read them. Can't imagine skipping to the end of a book to take a peek!

    1. Oh, and in case you haven't seen it:
      The 4.5 year old goes around singing this with great passion.

  2. Am I the only one who still hasn't seen Frozen?! x)

  3. Ok, so there's this annoying thing going on where MY blog does not want to let me comment! Argh!

    Laura - I was blindsided by it as well! Nick and I have an ongoing disagreement as to whether Hans started out bad (his opinion) and tricked her, or started out good and then realized how much power he could have. I fervently believe the latter. I mean, look how he looks at her in the beginning!

    Carmen - Not the only, but one of the few! :)


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