Friday, May 16, 2014

Well, yes, I suppose it is fancy, now that you mention it

As you may have heard, we have quite a bit of penis talk around this house.

That is to say, we call a penis a penis and not a wee-wee or a tallywhacker or a wing-wang or anything else one might call it.

(Oh, who are we kidding? We've always had a lot of penis talk, since way before having kids. It's one of my favorite things to talk about, it seems.)

Anyway, Jordan has become rather fascinated with this particular appendage. If he's home, he's very likely naked. And if he's naked, he's holding his penis.

"I'm just holding my penis, Mama."

I don't want to make him feel ashamed of being interested in his penis, you know? So I've just made this rule that when we have company over we need to at least have underwear on.

But he and India still have plenty of nakey time.

The other day he was telling India once again that when she grows up she'll be a big boy and then she'll have a penis. And I said, "Actually, India is a girl. She's not going to turn into a boy."

"Not even when she gets bigger?"

(I opted not to go into the possibility of gender reassignment surgery, because while yes, technically she could be a male when she grows up if she chooses to, I'm just going to operate on the assumption that she's happy being female and go forward with that.)

"Nope. Girls are girls. She's never going to have a penis."

"What does she have?"

"A vagina. Girls have vaginas."

"VAH-GI-NAH! Well! That sounds fancy!"


  1. HAHAHA!! man, he's hilarious. i love him.

    1. Yours will be saying the same kinds of things before you know it!

  2. I guess it does sound kind of fancy, doesn't it? Jessica is 8 and she still thinks that vagina is one of the funniest words ever. Penis cracks her up as well. She prefers "privates" or girl parts and boy parts, although she knows all the correct names for things!

    1. Penis cracks me up and I am waaaaay older than her!

  3. Replies
    1. With two girls, things are way fancy at your house!

  4. Hilarious! The first time Lara saw her cousin's penis she said 'Oh! Look, a chongololo' Chongololo is the Swahili name for a millipede. So that's what we call penises in our household right now. Altho Tom calls his a 'lololo. Whenever he has to put pants on he says 'Bye lololo' oh so very wistfully!

    1. Miranda, I love this entire piece of information SO MUCH! One, it's a charming word, Chongololo! And two, I love that that's what popped into Lara's mind the first time she saw one. Bye 'lololo! So cute!


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