Saturday, December 09, 2006

Boy, I'm Glad I'm Not a Gangster!

I will turn into my mom. I believe this to be inevitable. Today I say, "I speak Betty." One day, I'll probably have a kid who interprets for me in the same way as I do when mom tells people who ask that her dog is a "Jack Daniel Fox," and I translate it to "Jack Russell Terrier."

I just thought, "Boy, feeling bad really is no fun!" Which is such a Betty thing to say, and reminded me of one of my favorite Betty stories of all time. This is from probably 4 or 5 years ago.

My mom, who, except for her recent interest in Sex and the City, has never been very into pop culture, walked into the kitchen one day, and said to nobody in particular, "Hi Puff Daddy!"

My mom had heard of Puff Daddy? "You know Puff Daddy?"

"Of course!"

Of course? I started to laugh, and said, "Well, did you know he's P. Diddy now?"

"He's P. Diddy?"

"Yes. So did you know he's no longer dating J Lo?"

"He was dating J Lo?"

"He was."

"How come they broke up?"

"I don't know. Mom, do you know he's a gangsta rapper?"

"A gangster rapper? A gangster?"

"Well, it's a type of rap. But he did apparently shoot someone. He went to prison."

"He shot someone! Well, that's probably why J Lo didn't want to date him anymore. Who wants to date a gangster?"

"Mom, who is Puff Daddy?"

"Why, he's a member of KISS!"

Honestly, I almost fell off my chair. She got a little indignant. And a bit later she said, mostly to herself,"Boy, I'm glad I'm not a gangster. That would be no fun!"


  1. Lisa, I found you through Neil of Citizen of the Month. Great post, I almost peed in my pants. I think your mom and my mom are kindred spirits! The story reminds me of the time my mom wanted to know if my brother was making in the 3 figures yet. I said Mom you mean 6 figures don't you? She said no just 3 and I reminded her that if my brother was making in the 3 figures that would mean here salary was negative. She retorts - Whatever.

  2. Thanks! Ha ha! Your mom and I actually have similar math skills.


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