Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Thank You

Thank you, thank all of you very much. I so appreciate the supportive comments that some of you have left, and the nice emails that I've received. I always contend that people are kind, and the support I've gotten from strangers reaching out through cyberspace confirms that belief.

And now, after all this kindness, I am going to ask a future favor of you.

When I met M, I had an immediate connection with him, which led me to write a post. It was a post that was primarily about the Dementor, who was the last guy I had such an immediate and intense connection with, and who wound up being, well, a Dementor.

Interestingly, I talked to the Dementor Monday night. Our relationship ended acrimoniously, but then we kept running into each other and chatting politely. And then he moved to NY, and the possibility of us dating ended, and we formed a sort of friendship. And so now, when he comes to DC, we have coffee, and catch up on our lives. And we email and talk every so often.

So I spoke to him Monday night, and he was a shocking source of support. I'd emailed him that morning sad, and he called immediately and left a message, and then called again that night to make me tell him the story. He listened, he gave advice. He was kind and supportive. I can appreciate him now, and we have a great rapport. I'd never have predicted this, but it is a fabulous surprise. But if we were dating? He would not be nice. He'd be manipulative, and controlling and belittling. I remind myself of this whenever I think that it's so lovely to see him, and that we have such a good time together.

Now, M is not unkind. He's not a Dementor, he's really not. I believe is a good person, and that being honest and being kind are important to him. He didn't set out to make me feel bad. The problem that I have with these guys is probably more about me than about them.

So the favor that I ask of you is the following. If ever write a post swooning over this guy I've just met, will you please smack me back to reality? Will you remind me that the people I fall for immediately, the ones I have that amazing connection with, are the ones I have to be careful of? Will you please tell me that the intensity of their personality, and the personal things that they share will likely pull me in very close very fast, that I will like them too quickly, and one way or another, I will get hurt?

Thank you.

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