Sunday, December 24, 2006

Such Good Memories

These carolers are one of the things I love about Christmas at my parents' house. I made that first caroler - the ratty one with the blue stripes and the falling-backwards head - in fourth grade in Egypt. Everyone in the class made one. I was in Mrs. Kennedy's class. I was terrified of her, but we had great art projects.

My mom loved the idea. And so the next year, we made a bunch of our own. I look at these and there are so many memories. The lady in purple is wearing what used to be a pantsuit of my mom's in the 70's (yikes!).

The pretty one in blue, missing an eye, her hat and scarf are made of a pair of slippers that my gramma Lillian made me years prior. Her pin is from my elementary school in Bangladesh. And her hair? Well, Betty had really long hair back then and let me snip a little off the ends. I'm not kidding.

The little fellow with the drum is wearing an old shirt of my brother's from when he was a cute little guy in first or second grade. One of the guys in the back, his outfit is a sock from an old family friend.

The elegant woman in the back, she's wearing another of Betty's 70's pantsuits - a lovely brown stretchy velour number. And she and the fur coat sporting guy in front of her, they lucked out on their timing. The day they were made, our dog Jo Jo chewed up Betty's rabbit lined gloves.

They've moved continents five times, and they are showing their age. But I love them. I love all the memories.

Whether you are celebrating Christmas or not, I wish you all happiness and health and great times with people you love and who love you.

Big hugs to all!

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