Friday, May 25, 2007

And On the Third Day

We've moved offices. I'm still in a cube, but now I have a wall of windows. It's really bright and sunny and I'm delighted.

We've all spent the week getting things set up the way we like them, installing software - both software that we need (and wow does Adobe CS take a long time to install!) and fun stuff, like iTunes and IM software.

I introduced my colleague Bob to Trillian. Which I like because you can have email notification and IM from multiple accounts. But when Trillian installed, it also put in something that makes the weather and pollen information pop up. We both sort of scratched our heads on that one.

The best part of the new place, besides the amazing location and swank office and fantastic bar/restaurant downstairs, is that I sit near really great people. Positive, nice, interesting, funny people. We haven't all quite gotten used to each other yet, though.

So yesterday morning, I was settling in, pulling up email, when I heard this voice, seemingly from above. . .

"Tree pollen is moderately high, but grass pollen is very high. Fortunately, you don't need to worry about weed pollen today."




  1. This just reminded me of the Weird Science scene;

    "And Ken, stop touching yourself"

    "It really IS God"

  2. Oh, I loved that movie, but haven't seen it sin ages! I have to get better at using movie lines...

  3. I miss Trillian, it's blocked at the company where I work. We're only allowed to IM people who work here. Which is weird if you think about it. Are the phones next?

  4. The Ken-God bit is from Real Genius, lesser-known but far better than Weird Science. Val Kilmer before he got all creepy.

  5. HKW - It would be super-annoying and weird if you could only call within your office.

    WiB - Val Kilmer got creepy? am so oblivious. He was so cute!


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