Monday, September 17, 2007

Disco 69

This post isn't remotely racy, despite the title.

Several friends have gone to Greece on their respective honeymoons recently, and so of course I had to ask if they went to Ios. I didn't say, "Ios, home of Disco 69" when I asked. But I would've mentioned the place if anyone had gone there. Alas, they had not.

The summer after my junior year of high school, we went to Greece for two weeks. My family rented a tiny sailboat, and hired the boat's captain, and sailed around some Greek islands. I got to bring a friend. There was just precisely enough room on this boat for the six of us.

And for some reason, on this particular vacation, my dad lifted his really strict social life restrictions. "Go out! Have fun!" We had no curfew.

And so at some point on our Greek island tour, we wound up on Ios, which has wild bars. And here we were, two 16-year old girls, who looked 14, out at the bars. Drinking, dancing, having a great time.

Because we were used to going to the fancy hotel bars and discos in Delhi, this wasn't weird to us. We didn't drink till we passed out. We weren't all intimidated by all the grown-ups. We were used to having adult men in bars buy us drinks. That was just the way our world worked.

What was not part of our world, however, was sex.

And so, when we got to Disco 69, we thought nothing of the name of the bar. You'd think that normal people would've looked at the logo - a silhouette of a man and a woman, you know, together - and gotten it. Yeah. Not us.

And so, late in the evening, when Carolyn said, "Let's buy T-shirts!" I thought it was a great idea! Whee! We're having so much fun! Let's get a memento!

So we traipsed back to the boat at 4 am, Disco 69 T-shirts in hand. And, since the boat was small, we woke everyone up as we toddled onto it.

They weren't upset about the late hour, or our condition, until one of us, and I don't remember which, said, "Look what we got!"

And we held up the shirts. With Disco 69. And the people.

Carolyn said, "We're going to wear them on the airplane!"

We were in sooo much trouble.

I refused, on principle, to relinquish the T-shirt, although I never, ever wore it out in public. I slept in it, just to be belligerent. It's mine, and you can't stop me from wearing it, was my take on it.

And so it stayed in my possession until somehow, some years later, getting lost in a mysterious flood in the laundry room.

I am embarrassed to say that t took me years, I mean years to realize why my parents were so upset.


  1. Bwwww-aaahahahaha!

    "I'm going to wear mine to the prom!"

  2. Hahahaha! The prom! And wow! You found the place!

  3. dont worry love...i didnt figure it out til REALLLLLY embarrassingly late in life either.. maybe its a blond thing...

  4. AHAHAHA!!! Thanks, Lis, I just choked on my tea reading this! I may just make it my mission to find you a replacement Disco 69 t-shirt... ;)

  5. this is hysterical!! I wouldn't have gotten it, either...but bless your innocent little heart.

  6. Just when we think we've gotten out you suck us right back in. poor choice of words sorry but neverthe less not bad for a man that had already spooned out his eyes and had to have this post read to him.

    Just kidding. good stuff!

  7. Oh and LG on the dating thing [since I've seen you in an afro wig I feel I can comment as if I know you but DCup says you are sooo cool well anyway back to the post] there is something wrong with you only one thing that i can see. You live within driving distance of the greatest asshole magnet on the face of Terra and it is called Washington DC. If you lived anywhere else in America you would have found what you desire by now and they would have benn knocked head over heels by your wit wisdom and wonderful attention to personal hygiene. Des Moines is calling can you smell the corn?

  8. S_B - Ha! Maybe it is a blonde thing!

    Almost - Hilarious! Although now I think I'd be embarrassed about it.

    mooosie - Oh, I haven't heard "bless your heart" in ages!

    FS - I'm sorry about the eyes, but thank you for persisting. And thank you for the compliments - you make a very good point about the asshole magnet. I don't know about Des Moines, but maybe Chicago!


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