Friday, September 21, 2007

Me, a long long way to run

Yesterday at the office a colleague complimented my jacket. Which, if I may say so myself, is incredibly cute. It's very 60s, white with a huge, floppy collar. I got it last year at a trendy boutique in Buenos Aires.

I've recently decided the hell with convention; I'm going to wear white as often as I want to after Labor day.

Anyway, she said, "As I recall from last year, you love jackets and coats, don't you?"

I agreed that though I hate winter, a love winter clothing. "I do! I love coats and jackets and hats and boots and scarves. . ."

Something about the way I was chanting this made my boss say, "And brown paper packages and warm woolen mittens."

To which I responded, "Absolutely! And I love raindrops on kittens!"

Wait, what?

Anyway, I wish you all a great weekend! I'm heading up to the state of nice lawns!

Oh, and PS - This only relates because it is about NJ and it is random. Which means maybe it doesn't really relate. But I thougth it was interesting. Did any of you hear that thing on NPR recently about Cowtown? Apparently there really is a place in NJ called Cowtown and they have an actual rodeo!


  1. "A trendy boutique in Buenos aires..."

    Quite the little Lemon Gloria jetsetter.

    Although I admit, I purposefully buy fabulous things in foreign countries and take a little too much glee when complimented by responding...."Oh thank you! I got it in Prague."
    (Read: No, you can't go buy it at H & M. HA!)

  2. Oh, goodness! I hope that didn't sound braggy! That wasn't how I meant it at all.

  3. Oh no of course not! I'm just saying that I LOVE that. I'm the bragger.

  4. I love the Sound of Music! And winter hats and scarves, which are totally unecessary in TX

  5. You sound so well-traveled in your posts, and yet you've never been to Cowtown? Does this mean you haven't been to the flea market, the Richman's Ice Cream Store or Lisa's Tack Shack? Such a lack of appreciation for South Jersey. I may need to reevaluate everything I've thought about you.

  6. SL - Oh, relief!

    HKW - I saw half of it on TV recently and very reluctantly went to a party I'd committed to. I could've parked myself on the couch for the night.

    Shannon - I've missed you! Yes, you probably need to reevaluate. I'm well-traveled but only outside the US. My knowledge of the US is shockingly narrow.


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