Saturday, November 03, 2007

Getting a fix on a Friday night

I arrived at 7:30 Friday night. Right on time. Nervous. I'd never done this before.

Because of how dark my hair had wound up on Wednesday, my skin looked pale and flat, but there was nothing I could do about that. I'd put on eye makeup and red lip gloss to try and brighten up my face.

I'd carefully crafted my outfit. You know, so I looked attractive but not like I'd put a ton of thought into it. I had on a grey sleeveless turtleneck tucked into good jeans, and black platform boots. I'd deliberately left off earrings. I grabbed my black leather jacket on my way out the door.

He was ready for me when I arrived. I was so excited to see him. He took my jacket and hung it up, and then led me over to the chair.

He sat me down and stood behind me. Our eyes met in the mirror.

He ran his hands through my hair. I was holding my breath.

And then he said, "We can definitely fix this. I'll add some more highlights and then put on a warm toner. It'll look great."


  1. ha! glad you're getting it fixed. how'd it turn out??

  2. Thanks, Sarah! Much better. Yay!

  3. ive always said... first time with a like a first date...
    heres to brighter, happier tones of blonde!!

  4. VVK - Thanks!

    S_B - Yes! Brighter happier blonde! Makes the world a better place all around. :)


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