Sunday, November 11, 2007

The tiresome process of not napping

The combination of plenty of wine and a late night last night, coupled with the cold and grey of the day left me wanting a nap this afternoon. A nap I didn't take.

I've never been a good napper. I've always envied people who are. You're tired, you nap for 20 minutes, you wake up refreshed, and you go on with your day. It seems to me to be such an efficient way to get energy.

Me, unless I'm so flat out tired I can't function, or am sick, like really sick, I just can't nap. I lie down and sleep just doesn't happen. And so then I think about how tired I am, and how it would be better if I could just nap.

Which then leads me to thinking about all the things I need to get done post-hoped for-nap. And then I wonder if I'll be too tired when I wake up. I might wake up, as sometimes happens, all groggy and dysfunctional. From the nap I'm not currently having any luck taking. Or I will oversleep. And then not be tired later. The trying to nap process can be exhausting.

Eventually I tend to just get up and do something. The easiest action being the pulling of laptop onto lap while still snuggled in bed. Totally cognizant of the fact that I'm still tired. And certain I'd be so much less tired if only I could nap.


  1. I love naps and take them frequently - though usually only when really tired/sick, so I'm able to fall asleep easily.

    However, when I wake up, I'm usually so groggy that it takes me a good hour or so to get back in the swing of things.

  2. I can't take a 20 min nap... my minimum nap time is 45 min - 1 hour.

    On weekends, unless I woke up really late (post 1 pm), I try and take a nap sometime in the afternoon. I'm convinced it is good for the soul.

  3. Mmmm, I love a good nap. Even if it means the day is blown -- which it pretty much always is -- I love to fall asleep in the daytime. No alarm, crazy dreams, that's the stuff!

  4. Napping takes a little practice, but once you get in the habit, 10 minutes in the afternoon can work wonders. Of course, the Quad may not be the most nap-friendly place to work on this.

  5. Miss B - I get caught up in worrying about the grogginess which then prevents me from the nap.

    VVK - I'm sure you're right and it is good for the soul!

    A.S. - Maybe that's the approach to take - napping as pleasure rather than as a means to get somewhere later...Hmm.

    Anon - You're right. Quad is not remotely nap-friendly.

  6. i'm with vvk, it's really hard for me to nap for less than an hour. ideally it'll be like 1.5-2 hours.

    which is not longer really a nap, it's like a mini-sleep. which usually ends up interfering with real sleep later on. hence, it's rare for me to do :)

    though sometimes, i enjoy embracing the "i'm tired but not tired enough to sleep" mode on a weekend afternoon, and just lie under a blanket on the couch and half (ok, one-quarter at most) pay attention to a football game on tv. weirdly, i can find that almost as restful.


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