Tuesday, November 13, 2007

You guys, next week is Thanksgiving already!

So I have to thank my friend Dave for canceling on me this week and trying to reschedule. Because otherwise I might never have known I was leaving the country next week.

I'm not kidding. We were emailing because he needed to change plans. So we were looking at next week, which I said was entirely open. And then he asked when we were leaving for Cancun.

Because oh, have I mentioned that Jen and I are spending Thanksgiving in Cancun? No?

Yes! Four days in bikinis. With umbrella drinks. It turns out we have to dress up for dinner. So I guess that means I'll also have to pull out my super cute sun dresses and strappy sandals from last summer. Ha!

Thanksgiving at a resort in Mexico. No turkey. No mashed potatoes. No stuffing. Also? No cold. No cooking. No dishes. No logistics. No stress. Yippee!

I mean, except the stress of, ooh, I ought to reapply my sunscreen and I need some help with my back! Or, the stress of choice - do these sunglasses go better with this bikini or my other one? Or maybe the stress of, gee, when I leaned over to sip my cocktail, I lost my place in my book.

Yawn. Stretch. Muy stressful.

We're staying at this fabulous all-inclusive resort that Jen found. That just looks completely amazing. I am not kidding you when I say that if all we do is lounge, read, swim, all with an umbrella drink in hand, I'll be so happy. I know something crazy will happen, because, um, it's Jen I'm traveling with. But whatever it is will be so fun.

It's not only the opposite of Thanksgiving, it's also the opposite of every vacation I take. I'm always about either adventure travel or big cities. And this? Is just going to be sunshine and relaxation and decadence.

Anyway, I wrote Dave back and said anytime next week would work, and to answer his question, we're flying on Thanksgiving.

But while I didn't say so, I was really wondering why he was bringing that up already. Because it's weeks away. And actually, a couple other people asked over the weekend. And I was just thinking they were exceptionally planny.

He responded with something like, "Wow, you're very casual about your trip next week."

And then suddenly I got it! Holy crap! Thanksgiving? Is next week! Next week! As in, a week from this Thursday! How did this happen so fast?


  1. 2007 has gone by so quickly. I've been counting down the days until Thanksgiving though. Very traditional - family, turkey and dressing, napping, shopping.

    Have a fabulous time in Cancun. Looking forward to a story or two.

  2. I don't think I've ever had that sort of vacation. I could really use one though. Vacations for me tend to be just a busy, if not busier than my day to day life.


  3. welcome to my world...lol.. what??? Wed is TOMORROW???? are you sure??...
    maybe its a blond thing...

  4. Can I come with you? I make a very good baggage handler, and I promise to keep your drinks refreshed so long as I can get ones for myself, too.

    We're headed from California (semi-warm) to Iowa (downright freezing) to see family. Completely the opposite of relaxing vacation, but hopefully family will be fun.

    Have a grrrrreat time!

  5. HKW - I wish you a great traditional Thanksgiving! Will definitely have my laptop with on vacation. Might even post pics!

    VVK - Me, too. And then I come back from vacation tired. Not this time!

    S_B - Ha! It might be!

    Sarah - Of course you can! :) Have a fantastic time with family! Iowa will be freeeeezing, yes, but maybe it will start to really feel like the holidays that way?

  6. Holy crap! Thanks for the heads up. I would have been searching for a turkey the night before at midnight.

  7. You and Jen in bikinis all week? Pictures are absolutely mandatory, or else you're not allowed to come back.

    Waitaminute... would that be an incentive *not* to post them? Oops.

  8. Amisare - You're welcome. It's alarming, isn't it?

    Matt - Heh. I might bare my soul on the internet but I'm not going to bare a whole lot of flesh!


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