Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Clearly we come from very different directions

I don't know if this is a difference between men and women, or just a difference between Nick and me. Or maybe I'm just really frivolous.

Nick is going to a conference this week.

He hadn't mentioned anything about it before, but we were talking about our schedules for the week. He said he's out of town for a couple days, and then when he comes back, he's got this conference the next morning.

And actually, he says, he's a panelist for one presentation and a moderator for the next.

"Are you ready? Have you worked out your presentations?"

"Yup. Submitted all the materials yesterday."

He's organized like that. I really admire it. Me, I'd fret about them for ages, but not really work on them till midnight the night before.

So, knowing he was comfortable and prepared, my mind turned to the next important thing: his outfit.

He has suits I think are really attractive and suits I think are less so. And he's really not a clothing person. In my mind I'm hoping he's planning to wear the grey herringbone suit. He looks so handsome in it.

"What are you going to wear?"


"What are you planning to wear?"

"I hadn't thought about it."


"Really. That's what you want to know about my presentations?"

"What else would I ask?"

"You might ask what they're about."



  1. haaaaa.

    that's what I would have asked you.

    because the outfit is super important. Sets the tone for the entire presentation.

  2. Exactly! I would know immediately what I was wearing. Immediately!

  3. I wouldn't have thought about what I was going to wear until I barely had time enough to get dressed and get there on time.

    Enh... dark suit, white shirt, and tie. How can you go wrong?

  4. This makes me think it's a man-woman difference.

  5. Also, you could just know a) that he's super on top of it, and b) generally what his presentation would be about... and so you skipped directly to the wardrobe question.

    Of course, this is coming from someone who created a pages-long chart of acceptable suit/tie/shirt/shoes combinations for her boyfriend. (Who, in his defense, was in the military for years, and thus never had to worry about things like matching and fashion.)

  6. What about his hair? Will he be using any product?

  7. Definitely a man-woman difference. DEFINITELY.

    I just feel like knowing what I'm wearing helps put me in the proper mindset. Picturing myself in it etc.

  8. So, did he go with the herringbone? :)

  9. Andie - He is color blind, so he might actually appreciate it! I, however, am neither organized enough, nor do I understand how men's clothes go together (I could never choose a tie!) to do that.

    Mary - Ha ha ha ha ha! Excellent.

    Nicole - That's exactly how it is for me. Exactly.

    HKW - Not till Friday. But now I think he's going to. :)

  10. I guess the definition of detail is subjective. Who knew?


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