Monday, April 14, 2008

The dress

A number of people have asked about the dress.

In fact, a couple weeks ago I was talking to my therapist. And on a side bar - I think pretty much everyone could benefit from therapy. Because all you're doing is talking to talk to someone with no stake in the outcome of a described situation except for you to approach life in a healthier way.

If you've ever had parents, or not had parents - you probably need some therapy. Honestly.

It's a safe place to work things through and let go of them. It's expensive, but not compared to the cost of spending the rest of your life dragging around 85 pounds of baggage. But that's my bias.

Anyway, I was talking to her, and time was up and I was getting up to leave. And she said, "Wait! We haven't talked about one of the most important things!"

And so I ran down my mental list of things I come in to talk about - Family? Check. Work? Check. What I should be doing with my life? Check. . .

"What did we miss?"

"The dress!!!"

I had to laugh. We have a very professional relationship. I mean, one-sidedly personal, because you go in to this otherwise complete stranger and tell them the most intimate details of your life. But in a professional setting, rather than over too many drinks in a bar.

So the dress. These are pictures from my parents' wedding. Don't they look so young and cute? My dad was in the Air Force and they got married on the base.

My mom and her mom, my Gramma Lillian, favorite person on the planet and who I'll name a girl after if I ever have one. . .they made this dress for my mom's wedding. And ever since I was a kid, I've been planning to wear it.

It's made of ivory silk, with very subtle lace and tiny pearls. They both sewed beautifully, and my grandmother put on all the lace and pearls. We even found the blue garter my mom wore when looking for wedding pictures this past weekend.

We have to get it altered, because for one thing, Betty is taller than me. And she wore a hoop under it, which I'm not going to do. Plus, she, like much of the planet, is just bigger on top than me. And in the 60s they wore those enormous, stiff, pointy bras. Can you imagine?

I doubt I'll wear the mantilla or the arm-gloves, as they don't seem very me. But I'm growing out my hair so I have options. And maybe the mantilla will look different then.

You'd never think I'd wear a big crinoline-puffed dress, would you?


  1. My heart skipped a beat when I read "The Dress". Sounds gorgeous! Pearls are so lovely - classic and unique at the same time.

  2. Oh - this is my mom wearing it in these pictures! I need to revise this post to say that!

  3. me likey!

    I am glad that you are so happy with it.

    I am sure you will look radiant. Of course I will need pictures THEN too.

  4. Looks beautiful, and I love the idea of a multi-generational dress. I thought about wearing my mom's, but it was so era-specific -- looking like something right out of the 60s, and totally not me -- that everyone involved agreed it would be better to go another way.

    What would be awesome is if you decided to have bridesmaids who wore hats like the ladies in the top picture. I'd pay cash-money to see that. ;)

  5. I would have worn my mom's totally hip 60's mini dress with long sleeves to our 11 person wedding except---it was a size 0, it was really mini-mini AND it was lost when my parents moved to their condo! So even though I might have had it altered in some way, no choice. I think this sounds excellent. And bridey-bride---in a good way.

  6. Slightly Disorganized - Thank you! OF COURSE! I am so flattered you want to see!

    Wendy - Thanks! This is not precisely the style I'd pick if I were starting from scratch, but I do love the idea that they made it and my mom wore it. As for the hats, no chance. My mom said her bridesmaid's hat was gorgeous. And this was a Catholic mass - had to have head covered.

    Janie - OHHH I just know your mom's dress was too fabulous. I love that it was mini-mini. I bet she pulled it off amazingly. I am glad you think this is bridey-bride in a good way. :)

  7. what a gorgeous, classic dress with so much meaning. you'll look great in it i'm sure. love it!

  8. I love dresses (or any article of clothing) with a back story. You're going to look gorgeous.

  9. It's gorgeous. You'll look stunning.

  10. Don't alter it TOO much....little Lillian may be a tad taller with a bit more of a rack.

    That said, LOVE IT.

  11. MrsMac - Thank you!

    Nicole - I love history and back story with clothing as well!

    Amisare - Thank you! I hope so!

    Kerrie - Ha ha ha! For her sake, I hope so! Thanks!

  12. Oh! It's just beautiful! How fortunate you are.

  13. If you put a gun to my head and asked me the question, I would have said that a Mantilla is something that can eat you when you are deep-sea diving...

    So I have learned something once again.

    - btw this is the 3rd job that Lemon Gloria has followed me to

  14. I'm way behind on reading and just read this post. What a great story and lucky for you it's a beautiful classic dress. What are all the poor kids whose parents got married in the 80's going to do?? I can't wait to see pics from the big day!

  15. That dress is beautiful. What fun it must be to go through the wedding mementos with Betty!

    I think you could work those gloves, actually, but they might be a pain over the course of the event.


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