Saturday, April 12, 2008

The honeymoon. Or, where the eff are the Orkneys?

We've started talking about The Honeymoon.

As soon as we got engaged people started asking us where we were going to go. And we had no idea. We were both still stumbling around in the delighted bewilderment of being engaged. But now we've realized that actually, it's not that far off. We need to make a plan.

But first we need to agree.

For any of you familiar with our divergent taste in furniture or just about anything, you probably have some sense of where this is going.

"I'm dying to see Angkor Wat!"

Nick (having only vaguely heard of the place), responds, "Sure, honey. That could be interesting." He says this not very convincingly.

He then exclaims in delight, "Or! How about the Orkneys?"

"Where the fuck are the Orkneys?"

In case you, like me, had no idea, it turns out the Orkney Islands, which incidentally look beautiful, are part of Scotland. You go to the northern northest, and did I mention north part of Scotland. And then go north. These islands sit where the Atlantic meets the North Sea.


And being rather profane, with a profound loathing of the cold, I continued on this eff-bomb extravaganza.

"Look how far north they are! The North Sea! Why the fuck would we go to the Orkneys?"

"It's beautiful. And desolate. We could go backpacking. The scenery is spectacular!"

"It would be really, really cold. I don't want to be cold on my honeymoon." (Nor, I might add, do I want to backpack.)

"It might be a little cold. But so beautiful!"

"The last time I went backpacking was in Nepal. It was the most gorgeous experience."


"Part of the trek was also so cold that I didn't take off my clothes for a week. At night I would unhook my bra and take off my hiking boots. And that was all I took off."


"And the only time I unzipped my pants? Was when I used the latrine."

Brief pause.

"So. . .where's Angkor Wat?"


  1. I hear the housboats in Kerala are beautiful. Just google 'kerala houseboat' and you'll find lots of links.

  2. I've never been to Kerala, but all the pictures I've seen are so beautiful! I had no idea they had houseboats...Will definitely google! Thanks!

  3. Angkor Wat is more fitting - you will have just gotten married! It's so spiritual and beautiful, according to the Travel channel.

  4. Very smart girl. Men work best with visuals.

  5. Angkor Wat it is. I will be there in June and can give you all the information what you should do. They actually have a day where you can learn how to train elephants and ride them up to the temples.

  6. BEAUTIFUL negotiating skillz!!!! Never been to Angkor Wat, but I've heard that it's beautiful. Hope you have fun!

  7. HKW- I know - all the pictures I've seen make it look SO beautiful! And it's supposed to feel spiritual and amazing.

    Amisare - Heh.

    Steve - I am really, really hoping this works out. I know you can't wait for your trip, and I am so excited for you. And will take every piece of advice you come back with!

    Sarah - Thanks. I'm too emotional to be a great negotiator, but it is true that when I'm really cold, I don't take my clothes off for anything. Which would be a huge bummer on a honeymoon.

  8. where is angor wat? I am too lazy to google.

  9. Oh, I should have linked it. It's in Cambodia.

  10. what do you mean you've never been to Kerala? didn't you come on that mini-course trip senior year where we went to Kerala and the chaperones didn't make us do anything so we could chill on the beach all week?

  11. I was at Angkor Wat this time last year - it really is an amazing place - there are a half dozen main temples spread around the place... you hook up with a Cambodian on a motorcyle with a trailer who will take you from place to place for $10 a day, and stop off somewhere for lunch... 4:30am one morning to watch the sun rise over the temple, then climb the hill opposite the next night to see the sun set over the river flats...

    Well, email me at
    for more info / pics


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