Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Among the 50 million reasons I love Chicago

Chicago is one of my favorite cities. It's pretty in both a big city and also this, oh! look at the lake! nature, but not too much of it! kind of way.

And the buildings are old and exquisite. And there's so much art around. And food is great.

Really, it just all around feels good.

One night Marta and I walked down the Magnificent Mile. And there were all these sculpture dresses.

They were made of everything from bubble wrap to keys. Some seem to be more ephemeral than others, so clearly not permanent. But so lovely to stumble across.

I think my favorite is the one with the keys. But I also like the white one. And the one that looks like twizzlers. And the swirly black one that I think is made of zipties.

Super cool, no?


  1. I totally missed you in Chicago. I was JUST there. I saw these too and I LOVED them.


  2. That was SD by the way.

  3. You went to Chicago and I didn't, and I hate you just a little for that...

    Glad you had a good time!

  4. Slightly Disorganized - I remember from months ago. I knew who it was. :)

    Simple Scholar - Thanks! It's OK, I understand. If it makes you feel better, mostly I saw the inside of the hotel for days on end.

  5. I adore your friends dress as well...smoking hot.

  6. Ooooh! That makes me so homesick. MathMan and I were just discussing whether we should go back to Chicago.

    I love the one with the keys Very flapper.

    Glad you enjoyed Chicago! Or wait - are you still there?

  7. I love the blue one..the last one. So cool.

  8. Lemmonex - I passed the compliment on. She was delighted!

    DCup - SUCH a great city. As you know I was really thinking of moving there last year. No, I'm home. Thankfully!

    Ryane - I love the blue color. And I think the ceramic scarf or whatever it is looks less heavy in pics than it looked in person.

  9. Chicago is SUCH an amazing city! I was just there and saw the dresses too. Very cool.


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