Thursday, July 31, 2008

Categories for prizes

We are thinking of giving out prizes for things at our rehearsal dinner. Silly little tokens, not expensive gifts. We've got some ideas but I would love any thoughts.

The point is more to get people talking to each other, to give them a starting point. Because none of our friends know each other, and in fact, we have only met a few of each other's friends. So we thought this might be fun, and might facilitate conversation.

So far, we've come up with a few categories, but we're having a hard time. We thought for each category we'd give out a prize to one of Nick's people and one of mine.

Longest distance traveled to come to the wedding. We have friends coming from some far-flung locations, like Australia, England, Macedonia. . .

Shortest distance traveled. It's in downtown DC - We have friends who can walk there. Or metro one stop.

Friends who have known us the longest.

And that's as far as we've gotten.

Nick was thinking of things like "tells the funniest joke" - but I don't actually want to risk a bunch of long-winded jokes. Or no jokes, which would be worse. He's not averse to having people get up and do stuff, but I don't think I want a contest.

We are considering categories like "most likely to get into trouble this weekend" or thoughts along those lines, but really need some creative help.

Any suggestions?


  1. How about "has the most blackmail material/dirt on the bride/groom"? That should start a conversation.

  2. "Most likely to have an adult beverage named after him/her"

    And you could incorporate Nick's idea in a way that's open to interpretation: "Most likely to inspire laughter". Heh.

    "Most likely to win a dance-off"

    "Most likely to put Nutella on everything."

    Erm. Scratch that last one. I don't know anyone like that. :o)

  3. I went to a wedding where they did Mad Libs at each table. The table with the funniest answers got a prize. It got the whole table interacting.

    Also, their theme was feathers and they had a feather in their invite and a big bowl of feathers at the entrance. A prize for the most creative incorporation of feathers into an outfit.

  4. Oh, how fun!

    Couple who has been married the longest.

    Individual with the coolest job.

    Couple who honeymooned in Turkey, or closest spot to where you and Nick will be.

  5. At my little brother's rehearsal dinner, people wrote little poems (funny haikus and the like) about the bride and groom and had to read them aloud.

  6. sorry, hit "post" too quickly. Anyway, the poem thing isn't really a prize-type situation, but it was really funny and cute. Some of the peoms people came up with were hilarious.

  7. that sounds like fun! jessica, at swiss story, wrote about something similar at a wedding she went to in germany. sounds like fun!

  8. Person with the fattest cat?
    Oldest bicycle?
    Most buisness cards in their wallet (stole that from let's make a deal)
    Person who blogged the longest?
    Most stamps on a Passport?
    Most step-parents? Err, that might be for my family.
    My brain is done-- OHH Largest head! Bring a tape measure.

  9. Most likely to not being wearing underwear at that moment.

  10. Amisare - Dangerous but funny! I will run that by Nick!

    Dagny - Hahahaha! Yes! To all! :)

    Yankee - Ohhh, I used to love Mad Libs. And I love the idea of some theme that ties it all together...

    HKW - Great ideas! Married the longest - in particular is so Perfect!

    Wendy - Not prize-type but very FUN. I love the haiku idea - short and makes tables collaborate and be creative!

    MrsMac - Will definitely check that one out. Thanks!

    Mary - Oh, thank you - fun and very concrete, easy to execute ideas!

    LivitLuvit - I love that one but too many parents/older relatives and friends will be there...Betty would think it was funny but I don't know about the rest of them.

  11. what fun! i love coming up with stuff like this, unfortunately i'm drawing a blank. but how about "person who's birthday is overshadowed by your wedding the most?" there's always someone who's birthdays is right around the same time.
    umm, i'll probably think of more on my drive home and pollute your comment section with them later : )

  12. Most likely to make intimacy with a groomsmen/bridesmaid...

  13. Like notsojenny, I was thinking along the same lines (and these were just used at a shower I attended last weekend)(and I couldn't claim one of the prizes because I'm a bridesmaid and I was exempt)(which was unfair!):

    ~Couple with the closest wedding anniversary to your wedding date.

    ~Person with a birthday closest to your wedding date.

    ~People with closest birthdays to you and Nick.


  14. Most likely to...

    have one drink too many at the reception.

    spend the entire evening on the dance floor.

    cry during the ceremony.

    where the flashies outfit to the wedding.

  15. Most unique pet,
    most obscure college major/minor,
    plays greatest number of instruments,
    daring-est hobby (any mountaineers/racecar fanatics?),
    best karaoke-er (particularly good if you want to have short performances on one song/chorus),
    funniest high school club/group (band, drama, student council, etc...then if you want you can use those groups to break off in a group game),
    greatest number of siblings,
    best "hidden" talent (again, good for the demonstrations)...

  16. I thought I had a good one, and then I read these comments and these are all awesome. What a great idea Lisa. And good idea all commenters!!! Sounds fun!

  17. If it's a bunch of people that don't know each other, I'd go with something like Most Bizarre Connection wih the bride/groom. The whole how-do-you-know-them story usually branches off into all kinds of things.

    It's the inverse, in a way, of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Among my friends, it's always fun because I have very few straight lines (something as simple as "we went to college together") left among my peeps. Could be fun. :)

  18. You should pass out ridiculously huge thong underwear that have funny saying on the crotch like, "More cushion for the pushin'" and the like.


    Worth a shot.


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