Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Invitations! Or, proof that I am, in fact, a bit of a bridey-bride. Even though I like to think I'm so not.

These are my invitations.

My friend Maria designed them. She's the same one who did the save the date magnets. She did such an amazing job.

The second page has the traditional sort of the parents of Lisa are so tickled pink that she's marrying Nick, son of his parents, at this time in this place and so on and so forth. Just written more formally and with more specific details than that. As you might expect.

And then the third page has location and hotels and such information.

Maria was very helpful with not only the design but with the kinds of things one says on a wedding invitation. And as for design, it makes me so happy. She sat down and thought about what might be very ME and then designed it.

Except for content, I really had no input, because I just plain liked her ideas from the start. She was all afraid I'd be like, "Can you move this and that and make this bigger and that smaller and I'd like my text to really sing!"

Not so much.

I bought cream colored silk ribbon, and fuchsia and orange embroidery thread for binding. I don't know which I like best. Unfortunately, I only took pictures of the fuchsia and cream. The orange, however, is the same as the fuchsia. Just orange. You get the idea.

We've got shocking orange envelopes (I think it's actually Orbit Orange at the envelope store) for the invitations, response cards, and thank you cards.

Orangealicious! Yippee!

Also, I don't know if you have ever been in an A.C. Moore? I went for the first time on Saturday. It is like a palace of wonders.

Honestly, I could've spent all day in there. I wound up leaving with yards and yards of ribbon and thread and a packet of needles, plus a small bag of rhinestones. Because, when I accidentally turned down the rhinestone aisle, I had to restrain myself.

You may be someone who can walk by bags of rhinestones without getting all "pretty, shiny sparkly!" and reaching for them, but I am not.


  1. Very pretty! I'd vote for the fuchsia since you have the orange envelopes.

  2. I like the fuchsia. And until just now, I don't think I realized that that's how "fuchsia" is spelled.

    I have rhinestones all over my big toes. 'Nuff said.

  3. oooh... purty!

    I love the choice of colors and the design... Simple yet complex and fun and modern but classic. I would stick to the fuchsia and orange thread, I think it looks better than the cream ribbon. It looks like you had two threads going through, could you do one thread of each color? Or, some people could get one color, and others the other color.

    Also, the envelopes are awesome. The mail carriers are going to have fun with those.


  4. Yankee - Thank you! That's a good thought.

    Wendy - I know. When I started dyeing stuff, fuchsia was the color I was most drawn to, and that's when I actually thought about how it was spelled. And as for rhinestones on toes - I love that! I used to get rhinestone flower pedicures in San Diego all the time! Fun!

    VVK - I think you are right - she did a fantastic job of mixing all those things. And you are right - color is more fun than cream. As for the envelopes - I figure this way nobody can miss them. :)

  5. What awesome invitations - at first glance, I didn't even notice that you used different bindings.

    I like the fuchsia, though - a nice compliment to the envelopes.

    As for A.C. Moore - a fabulous place, indeed!

  6. LOVE the invitations! i mean really, with all the cookie cutter crap out there, i love the colors and designs and well i just lust them entirely!
    (can't tell if you're looking for feedback but i like the fuschia ribbon on it better...out of the two photos anyway)

  7. Lovely invitations! The colors are pretty and the perfectly round holes for the binding have so much meaning after yesterday's post.

    Rhinestones are fun! Like glitter, but functional.

  8. If you're going to do it, do it big. Definitely the fuschia!

  9. so cute. i agree with FK. fuschia all the way.

  10. Go with orange!

  11. notsojenny - Ah, thank you! I like that they are different and pretty and not casual but not formal. And thanks for the opinion. I don't know if I was soliciting or not either, but always happy for input. :)

    HKW - Ha - thank you! Yes, the perfectly round holes did matter! All that time and energy not wasted!

    And I have to admit, I have a lot of glitter as well. But I'm not buying anything else with glitter in it - you find it everywhere, never washes out entirely.

    FreckledK and Slightly Disorganized - I always love fuchsia!

    Anonymous - I am going to have some of all. The fuchsia is fabulous but the orange is really cool too.

  12. Simple yet attractive and stylish! Nicely done. I, also, think the color is less distracting than the cream. It breaks the design less. At least in the picture.

  13. Simply gorgeous. The design on the front is like from some kind of fabulous meadow. And I love the ampersand! But then I am a sucker for a well-executed ampersand.

  14. They're nice and all, but don't you think they would look better if the holes were a little smaller, and drilled instead of punched?

    I'm just askin'.

  15. lacochran - Thank you. You know, the cream breaking the design is something I hadn't considered.

    A.S. I love how swirly it is and I love the colors! And I think it turns out I'm a sucker for a nice ampersand as well! :)

    Mark - You make a good point. Those holes probably would be nicer with the texture of drilliness around them. And clamp marks down the front.

  16. fuschia, definitely. LOVE them. well done lisa and maria!

  17. They are lovely. Best wishes to you, and congratulations to Nick.

  18. Well, I might be biased. But as your resident fuschia-enabler, I think we know how my vote goes. :o)

  19. Those are so beautiful and special - love the fuchsia!
    Remember to save one and have it framed or something. What a treat to have someone make something tailored for you and have it work just right.

  20. mrsmac - Seriously, Maria gets all the credit. She rocks.

    Restaurant Refugee - You are fabulous. Your etiquette puts mine to shame. I only recently learned about not congratulating the woman!

    Dag - You are my favorite fuchsia-enabler EVER.

    Cheryl - Thank you! It really is a treat to have something that suits us so perfectly. We are in a number crunch - last minute list from Nick's mom (awesome for stress levels and pre-marital harmony) so might not get to keep one...we'll see.

  21. These are almost as gorgeous in the photos as they are in person. So you. So beautiful, modern, sophisticiated, and happy. They capture the Lisa and Nickness of the whole event.

    Love them.

    And I vote for fuschia, too.


  22. I still think they would look okay if you drilled for the holes. jus' sayin'

  23. I'm late so you've probably already picked, but I think fuchsia for sure. I mean, anytime there's an instance where you're thinking "fuchsia or no fuchsia?" I'd always go with the fuchsia.

    Also? those invitations are PERFECT.

  24. Absolutely gorgeous! And I like the choice of the "shocking orange" envelopes. It'll definitely make them stand out from the rest of the mail in the mailbox! :)

  25. Janie - We did all three. The orange and fuchsia are the most fun. You'll be getting one in the mail soon!

    HomeImprovementNinja - That's because you're a tool-wielding guy. No and more no.

    Nicole - Ohh, thank you! And I LOVE that advice! In a fuchsia or no fuchsia situation, I will always go with fuchsia from here on out. :)

    Zandria - Thank you! I'm really glad to hear that! :)

  26. Except maybe in the case of naming a child. Then I'd opt for the no fuchsia.

    Other than that though- go for it.


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