Sunday, July 06, 2008

Waiting for the ducks to pass

We're at the Logan airport.

Did you know Harpoon was brewed in Boston? Turns, out, if their (their being the cafe we're lunching and beering at) wall map is accurate, our beer was brewed 1.5 miles from where we're currently sitting. Who knew?

As you know, I'm an "eat everything in case you die" traveller. And Nick is never going to turn down a beer or two. And so the Harpoon? It's a nice little product.

This was a hurry hurry trip, but so fun. It was so hard to say goodbye to my parents this morning. I'll post pics, hopefully tomorrow. I keep losing signal so it's pointless to try to upload them now.

Can I please just say that Maine is incredibly beautiful? Someone Nick knows described it as "God's country" - and it's conceivable he's right. Every time you turn around something is so beautiful it makes you catch your breath.

Are there more stars in Maine than in DC? I don't know, but the silky black that sneaks in after a heavy peachy-pink sunset and calls itself the night sky is just swarming with them. It takes your breath and holds it above you, just for a moment.

And you know me. I'm never going to be all promote-y of the countryside.

The truth is, I don't like being far from cities. I'm not someone who sees a country road and thinks "how lovely." Rather, I think, "Ah, fuck! It's only two lanes! Two lanes! And look how these people drive! Do you know how godddamn long it's going to take us to get there?!"

Yesterday, Betty and I had to stop behind a pickup truck, who was stopped in front of us, seemingly for no reason.

I was all, "Seriously, Maine country driver dude! And you're stopped because...?!"

And then we saw the family of ducks that was crossing in front of them.

So fucking cute it squeezed your heart. And made you realize you were in a hurry for. . .nothing. I'm just used to hurrying.

Just. . .fast. Why am I always moving so fast?

We spent a lot of good family time this weekend. My parents adore the crap out of Nick and he seems to like them back a whole lot. Ever since Chuck passed away, I've been on a huge "life is short" kick. I want to spend good time, and I want to spend it with people I love.

And why don't I spend more time stopping and smelling the roses? Or waiting for the ducks to pass?

I hope you all had a really fun 4th and an amazing weekend. I know ours was.

We're delayed but with any luck, we'll be back in DC this evening.

Hugs to all!

(And yes, if you're wondering, I'm very hugalicious lately. Life is short. Did I say that already? It is!)


  1. Are there more stars in Maine than in DC?

    Aaah... the joys of light pollution. There's so much light pollution in any urban population that you can't see nearly as many stars. This is one thing I miss about not living in rural Illinois.

    And why don't I spend more time stopping and smelling the roses? Or waiting for the ducks to pass?

    Last year, the Washington Post sent violinist Josh Bell to play at L'Enfant Plaza Metro station during the morning rush hour. He played his Stradivarius and they recorded how many people stopped to listen. The results are sad. Very, very sad.

    Yes, I know that the L'Enfant Plaza area is a dead zone of government offices and nothing else... and that people are in a rush to get to work. But really? One of the worlds best violinist playing, and you don't stop to listen. Blah.

    The original Washington Post story: Pearls Before Breakfast

    A follow up interview with Bell

  2. It's so easy to zoom. Zoom to the end of the day so we can be "done" with work. Zoom to the end of the week so we can "have" the weekend.

    Until what? We've zoomed our lives away. I feel like I'm always in a rush and for what? Just like you discovered - for the purpose of rushing.

    Good for you for figuring out how you feel about good time.

    But lacking the internet? Still sucks ass.

    (Sorry for that last line, Betty!)

  3. VVK - Yah. We were talking about the last time we'd seen that many stars. I think for me it had probably been more than 10 years. As for the violinist, I'm sorry to say I'd have hurried by as well. Blah is right.

    DCup - Yes, exactly. Zoom zoom zoom. But the sucking ass of no internet? Very sucking very ass. Sorry from me too, Betty, for whenever you read this!

  4. I don't know that I could ever live in the countryside, but I sure love to spend time there once in a while.

    And yes, I definitely need to do more slowing down for the proverbial ducks.

  5. I do that sometimes...whenever I find myself driving in any other place but around DC, I tend to get very impatient if the drivers don't rush as much as I do. You are so right, sometimes, It's best to just stop and let the ducks pass.

    I'm so glad you liked really is a gorgeous part of the country.

  6. Nicole - I think little doses here and there are good for us. I know you could use a Maine vacation - especially you, who has been running in 45 different directions for work for months now!

    Ryane - I'm glad to hear that - makes me feel better about my impatience. Yah, Maine - wow, just wow!

  7. "the Logan airport"

    you are so cute :) for future reference, the "the" is unnecessary. hee hee hee.

    and also, i am SO jealous of your little vacation - were you on the water, i hope? i mean, inland maine is very nice too, but the coast is something else entirely. can't wait to see some pictures!

  8. Oh, goodness, Kate - you are completely right. Oops. Why did I add a random articles? It's like the reverse of being an ESL speaker from Eastern Europe. Maybe I can blame the Harpoon?

    We were right on the water! Gorgeous! Will post too many pictures soon.

  9. I hope you ate lobster under the stars.


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