Friday, August 15, 2008

As if San Diego weren't enough of a treat!

Tomorrow I head to San Diego for a conference. It's going to be a great learning and networking opportunity.

And, um, did I say it was in San Diego?!?

Of course this is about work, but if you can pack in some pleasure, I think the universe obligates you to. It's good for your soul, and the world as a whole. No?

I fly in early enough Saturday that I get to spend some time with lovely Jane, who now lives in LA, and with whom, once again, I'm going to get a sparkly rhinestone pedicure, and hang out on the beach, and drink beer at our old haunt in Pacific Beach. Yippee!

And then the conference starts that night and Sunday there's a bunch of conference conference blah blah blah.

And then Sunday night! I have the huge pleasure of meeting Slightly Disorganized! I am immensely excited about this!

Contrary to her chosen moniker, however, she seems Very Organized. So then I started thinking, "Crap, if she's that organized, and she thinks she is not, she's going to realize the true chaos that is me."

Because when I asked Nick what he was going to do for five days without me? He got this glazed look on his face and said, "Ohhh, the house is going to be so clean."

Honestly. He looked all dreamy. I think he'll miss me, though. Tidy gets dull after a while.

So anyway, Slightly Disorganized is willing to drive all the way down from Orange County so we can have dinner! I have driven on the 5 plenty and I know precisely how kind this offer is. I feel so lucky!

And I can predict - I am sure of this - that we will feel like old friends catching up. It will be all fun and easy and giggly. Rather than all awkwardly, "Sooo, nice weather and how's the salmon?" kind of conversation.

Anyway, I think I am going to wear this super cute brown Susana Monaco dress that I have. Although maybe I should wear something else that goes better with these really fun new high high gold! platform shoes...which sound tacky but they are not. Or maybe they are a little and I just don't know it because they make me 5'8" and I will do a lot for 5'8"-ness in this life.

I think they're not, though...

But the silliness of this is as follows. As soon as she said she'd happily come down so we could meet and have dinner, I was all, "Oh no! What am I going to wear? Maybe I should buy something? Even though I have plenty of cute dresses and I'm trying to save money at the moment?"

Because you figure someone you know virtually, whose blog you read, who reads yours, would like you for you. But you also want to seem like someone cool that they'd really want to know in person too, you know?

Or is this just silly?


  1. You had me at gold platforms. I want. Are they online?

    Have fun. Be safe!

  2. Have immense amounts of fun!

    Am I the only one who is inordinately predisposed to indescribable use of adjectives that are synonymous with "lots"?

  3. Not silly at all, I totally get what you mean. Have a great time!

  4. FreckledK - I got them in Chicago at a store called Akira. I found the store, but not the shoes, which were hugely on sale, online: They had a bizillion pairs that I wanted, so you might enjoy it.

    Simple Scholar - Thank you! I will! And no, I think you're in great company!

    MrsMac - I am glad to hear that! Thanks!

  5. You should definitely wear the shoes, because then you will be my height, and I won't feel like an Amazon. I will wear flats to offset.

    I have three possible options hanging on the back of my bedroom door, as of right now. But once you add jewelry and shoes, it's a whole new ballgame. So many options.

    Should I bet cute SD, or sophisticated SD or boho SD when I meet Lisa?

    I just can't decide. Although you're right, I will love you for you. You could show up in a brown potato sack, and I'd be all, "Lisa is so cute, she makes that sack look so good. Damnit, why didn't I think to wear a potato sack."

  6. Hahaha - I will love you no matter what you're wearing, so choose as mood strikes you. OK, will bring the platforms! Yay yay yay! So looking forward to it - I can't wait!

  7. sparkly... rhinestone... pedicure?

    *tiny little gasps of joy/jealousy*

    Of course he will miss you, LOTS! I suspect he'll be purposefully rendering objects askew to make it seem as if you're there, by the time you get back.


  8. Not silly--sweet. Have a good trip.

  9. My fella and I met because he read my blog, and even thought he knew all my dirty little secrets I still bought a new outfit for the first, like, three times we met.

  10. Aww! Have a fantastic time!
    And your concerns are not silly at all. I just met in person someone I had met through our blogs, and worried endlessly about what to wear for the whole week before that day. I went with jeans and a black t-shirt, of course.

  11. This sounds so fun- I wish I were meeting you too!


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