Thursday, August 14, 2008

Because if you can't be "yay, me!" on your birthday, when can you, really?

Thank you all so much for the lovely messages! You are all amazing, and you helped to make this one a great birthday!

I got cards and calls and emails and the best comments. I got a charming round amber vase full of orange Gerber daisies from lovely Jen, who now lives in Macedonia and appreciates orange at least as much as I do. Another friend gave me a Turkey travel book. Perfect!

And at the end of the day Nick and a couple old friends took me out for wine and delicious dinner at Proof. It's my favorite wine bar, by far.

For my birthday, Nick gave me a fabulous camera. It's digital, with a big lens, and can do all kinds of things that I have yet to learn. He was so excited about it he gave it to me two days early. He just couldn't stand the waiting. And he showed up with it in hand, so we could get some practice.

Nick spent the evening taking pictures of everything and everyone. All of us, our server, a wine glass...We invited a guy who was clearly waiting for someone to join us while he waited, but he poliately declined. So we offered to take his picture. Which he also declined.

On the way home, we stopped at the FDR Memorial. It's where we got engaged in February. Last night's weather was just so beautiful - much gentler and inviting of tarrying than that cold, clear winter night. Which, come to think of it, I don't think I've written about.

So I stood in the spot where he proposed. I know you can't really see the Washington Monument in the background, but it's there. And I raised my birthday sunflowers high. Victory! Yay, me!

There were a surprising number of people touristing and strolling for as late as it was. We accosted a couple walking by and asked them to take our picture. It was near midnight, and I'm pretty sure they were heading down to the enjoy the romance of the monuments shining on the water, but they kindly stopped and obliged.

We thanked them.

And then Nick was all, "Here, do you want us to take a picture of you?"

Which they most definitely didn't.

You can't take him anywhere. Even in the dark.


  1. Pretty Pretty Dress!

    yay for wine. my favorite!

  2. You are the literal picture of bliss, pretty girl.

  3. Sounds like fun. But did he buy the camera for you or for himself? ;-)

  4. So glad you had a Happy Birthday and are having fun with the new camera! I love this post.

    I used to accost random strangers to take photos. Sometimes they are taken aback of non-point and shoot cameras. So I bought a small, travel tripod and use the camera timer. Luke rolls his eyes everytime but is a good sport and can't argue lesser % of photos have the nice-stranger-took-the-photo tilt and blurry subjects, you know?

  5. P.S. The answer to your question is "Wedding day"! Yay!

  6. Slightly Disorganized - Thank you! I love this dress!

    FreckledK - Thank you, lovely!

    MrsMac - It really captured the night. Happy and sunflowery and in retrospect, ever so slightly out of focus. :)

    lacochran's evil twin - Yes.

    HKW - Agh - seriously!? Last night Nick said we should get a tripod!!! He said *I* could really use one. NO - I do not need a tripod. Maybe Nick needs a tripod?

    And yes - on my wedding day! How could I forget? That will be yay me! and more yay me! Yippee! :)

  7. That reads as a delightful way to while away a birthday evening.

    And to echo the comments of others, yes, that is a terrific dress and you look mahvalous in it.

  8. What a lovely evening, for one of the most deserving people I know! The monuments at night are such a wonderful wherewhen to be.

    But you know, people really are thinking of you and celebrating you and sending complimentary thoughts... complimentarily, and daily.

  9. sounds like a great night! and in case you didn't see this article which describes your stance: "Olympic Athlete Study Shows That Pride And Shame Are Universal And Innate Expressions" here you go:

  10. Happy belated LJ.......we will have to have a drink in SD

  11. What a gorgeous photo and wonderful story. I'm such a sap; there might actually be tears in my eyes. =0)

  12. I love sunflowers! And you! And your birthday! And taking pictures of strangers! Wait, no...


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