Thursday, August 21, 2008

Brain on very low power, which will be immediately evident. But hi! I missed you!

So I don't know if you've ever been at a conference - actually a fantastic conference - and woken up with just enough time to make it to an 8:30 am session as long as you didn't bathe?


In this case, if you are me, you would be so thankful you only have three outfit choices, even though you have seven pairs of shoes to choose from. You would also be thankful that your hair is now long enough to pull back.

On your way out the door it might occur to you to quickly rifle through your purse to make sure you have everything essential, like your badge and lip gloss. And in the process, you might then come across a Mexico Tourism! shot glass with residual dried tequila. And a box of Animal Crackers.

At which point you might be thinking that while of course the conference is an excellent learning and networking opportunity, you have maybe also been having too much fun.

And then you are forced to ask yourself, as you propel yourself out the door with as much celerity as possible under these circumstances, the following question: When you are having too much fun, why does tequila always seem like such a great idea?


  1. I'm probably the wrong girl to ask about that, given my recent musings. But, provided that the box of animal crackers was the kind that's either red or green, with a little strap, and that contains giraffe cookies, well.

    In that case, I'd say you were having precisely the right amount and kind of fun, tequila or no. Glad you're back safely!

  2. I would have to say you are doing the conference right.

    We had 5 at a conference back in May and my team got spoiled and completely trashed several nights in a row and missed way too much. Next Year's conference is in Las Vegas. I'm scared to go.

  3. Jessica - Yes, I knew YOU would not be the one to answer that tequila question. :) And yes - the Barnum ones with the red box. Yum!

    Red - Las Vegas for a conference can only be a bad idea. San Diego did not make it easy to get to sessions, I have to say.

  4. Oh, I love tequila. Always a good idea. Usually. Not for everyone.

    Glad the trip was fun and you're back! Nick's guest post on Monday was funny.

  5. Tequila is always a good idea. Always.

    Don't be talkin shit 'bout my boyfriend, yo. I love me some Jose.

  6. Tequila is a great idea if it is good tequila -- Petron or similar. It's the cheap stuff that seems like a good idea, but usually isn't.

    Glad you're having fun. :)

  7. HKW - I love it too. But I do better if I stick to one thing all night. And mixing in the tequila with the red wine - not so helpful.

    I'm glad you liked Nick's post. He was all excited when I asked him if he'd blog. :)

    FreckledK - Haha. OK, will not talk trash about your man!

    Wendy - No, the cheap stuff is painful going down and painful the next day. Thanks - was very fun!

  8. You are so f*cking right about the tequila. It's never an "oh this is a leisurely night of cocktails" thing, it's always a "weeee! we're paaarrtttyyiing" thing. And I always regret it.

  9. Wait. What? We aren't supposed to have tequila shot glasses in our handbags now? How did I miss that memo??

  10. Celerity is such a fabulous word. I am glad you had lots of fun.

    That comment from freckledK just made me snort coffee up my nose. And I haven't even had tequilla recently.

  11. When stirring from sleep with barely enough time to get to the morning sessions and only if you don't bathe there is only one option - blow it off and go get a mani/pedi at the hotel spa.


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