Monday, September 28, 2009

One of many reasons I will never be named a goodwill ambassador to anything

I love the boy, I do I do I do.

You know I do, right?

That said, the running in circles circus that is having an infant at home is just the most extraordinary birth control. Some days it makes me want to clamp my uterus shut for all eternity.

So the other night, one of Nick's colleagues said, "You know how you guys refer to him as "The Boy"? What if you have another boy? Then what will you call him?"

I looked sideways at Nick, who has every intention of impregnating me again, and said, "Well, if we DO have another child, we'll be buying him or her from Thailand. So the gender won't be any surprise."

She laughed, thinking I was joking, and said "And then you can name him something like Maddox. You can be very Angelina Jolie!"

"In fact, maybe we'll just call him Angelina."

"But then he'll ask you why all the kids at school tease him about his name."

"Not if we never teach him English."


  1. heh.

    heh. heh. heh.

    glad to see motherhood has only increased your sense of humor.

  2. I'm glad you think so. :) Sometimes I feel like it's worse to think these things now that I actually am a mother.

  3. (1) I think it is now a moral imperative that you procure a child from Thailand... or whatever country strikes your fancy at the moment.

    (2) I also think you should definitely be the goodwill ambassador for something - I just haven't yet found an organization worthy of your efforts.

  4. Nice! This made me laugh. I'm thinking Nick should probably have to be pregnant next time around. It's only fair.

  5. lisa, you are absolutely hilarious. it's really hard for me to remain composed in my very quiet, very echo-ey office.

  6. Nothing reminds me how much I enjoy not being pregnant like 1) drinking champagne and 2) my own child, who I love very, very much, as well.

  7. Dagny - 1. Thank you for the support, and 2. As soon as you do find an organization, please let me know.

    Hillary - I feel like it would be absolutely fair, plus he'd be so much better at it.

    amanda is - Thank you! :)

    She Likes Purple - Yes. Being not pregnant is a very nice state.

  8. My brother's nickname within the family is Boy. When my sister was born Dad started call her Girl but Mom made him stop.

    I still call my brother Boy and even have him in my phone that way.

  9. I love how you say "who has every intention of impregnating me again" like you would cut him.

    I would.


  10. hahaha, you crack me up
    ... and for some reason i have a feeling he threatens you with stuff like "i'm gonna' get you SO pregnant!"

  11. Agree with Dangy's 1st note!

  12. You remember when Nate was The Boy? Some days, he still is. Other days he's the teenager who is taller than me with the squeaky voice that I barely recognize. When you're living it, it can drag. When you're looking back on it, it's flown.

    I don't think there's a thing wrong with being on only. Ask Chloe, she would have preferred it.

  13. i guess since you are going to name your next son "Angelina" then i shouldn't feel bad about the time i put my very beautiful baby boy in a dress, to surprise daddy when he got home from work - ha!

  14. I love how they look at us like we're joking when we tell them we won't be doing that to ourselves again any time soon. Soon being "ever."


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