Friday, November 11, 2011

Week 16: Mama's belly button! (while I still have one)

Nick was reading the Richard Scarry book What Do People Do All Day? to Jordan the other day.

This is low on my list of books to read. I love the illustrations, but I have a hard time with these books that are sort of but not really stories. Nick, however is great at being all, "Oh, look, there's a tractor! And a farmer! And a big truck!"

He makes it all very exciting.

So, there was a mama bunny who had a big tummy and went to the hospital...and then had a new baby to bring home!

It's kind of suspect in that Dr. Lion, her OB, instead of eating her right up, delivered her baby bunny.

Anyway. Nick thought he'd capitalize on the moment.

So Nick said, "Remember how much you liked David's new baby at his house?"


"Would you like a new baby at our house?"

And Jordan said, "No."

Also, yes, I buy boxer briefs to sleep in. I love them. They're comfier than any jammies I've ever had.

Which reminds me. We recently were given the Boynton book Pajama Time. Love love love! Except I've realized I pronounce pajamas "puh-jah-mas" but I say "jammies" like a plain old normal American.

Or maybe this is regional? Pajamas Dunno.

Happy weekend, all!


  1. James and I do some bastardized version of singing/rapping Pajama Time. Olivia just looks at us like we've lost our minds. She's going to FUN to embarrass when she's older!

    You have an adorable baby bump.

  2. Aww, such a great photo! Love the imagery of story time at your house, too, so sweet. Jordan will come around on being a big brother :)

    I love pajamas and usually refer to them as PJs.

    Happy weekend!

  3. BELLY!

    Suddenly Jordan looks enormous.

    My husband's mother says pajahmas, and jahmmies (jommies?), and so does her mother, who is in her mid-nineties. They were both raised on the east coast. Right near where you are now, in fact! My husband says pajahmas and jammies. I say pajammas and jammies and I was raised in the deep south and the west coast.

    I love accent stuff. I had a close friend in high school whose mother was from Romania (Transylvania, actually) and she had a very strong and beautiful accent. I told my friend one day that I liked her mother's accent and she said "My mother has an accent?"


  4. Lisa - I LOVE those Pajama Time songs! Pajammy to the left! Pajammy to the right!

    And I used to think my parents had no idea they were so embarrassing and now I think, hmm...maybe they were enjoying themselves?

    And thank you. :)

    HK - I absolutely love the stories before bed. Jordan won't sit still with me long enough for books during the day anymore, though. I miss that.

    And we will have to start a propaganda campaign soon.

    Laura - He is a big old lumberjack. He really is. And heavy! Big and solid.

    Oooh, I love the accent stuff as well. So, it's so interesting to me...I wonder if it's east coast, or southern east coast? Nick was raised in NY and NJ and says pajamas. I am going to have to get a larger sample.

    And Nick said he went away to college before he realized his mother had a British accent. He just never heard it. I feel like it's SO obvious...but I guess if you grow up with it, it's not!

  5. You've no idea what a HUGE source of contention this is my house. Mostly for me because really my husband could care less but I CARE. I CARE A LOT.
    You pronounce pajamas correctly.
    My husband pronounces them pa-jam-mas. And oh my God the attack this is on my ears and sensibilities cannot be overstated. He does it now just to irritate me, I'm convinced.
    So, we're both trying to indoctrinate the kids and I can't wait to see who is the eventual victor. I'll get back to you in ten years.
    Also, cute belly.

  6. I haven't read here in awhile...can't get on blogs anymore at work...blah ; ) I am so happy for your family that you are pregnant! Wonderful to see!

    I have an older brother, 3 weeks after I was home, my brother asked my mother, "Is it time to take her back yet?" My mother replied, "where do you want us to take her?" He replied, "wherever you got her from!"

    Inspite of that we all survived : )

  7. I say puh-jam-mas. But I spell it pyjamas. And I call them jammies or jim-jams.

  8. I think this might be my favorite picture ever of you. Does that make me weird? So adorable all three of you in this photo. And you look damn hot in those boxers! Yep weird. But true. And Dana would hate me! I say paJAMmas too. But I feel her pain. When I moved to the Dakota's 20 years ago it made my teeth hurt to hear people talk!(Sorry Betty) I guess I've grown accustomed to it now. Have a great weekend Lisa.

  9. I was going to say how much I loved those shorts even before you rationalized them.

    We have the Boynton book "horns and toes and in between" and it's one of my favorites!

  10. Must be regional as I have the same pronunciations and luckily you've got some time to work on Jordan, but ready or not...

  11. I am now 32 weeks pregnant, my son is a month younger than Jordan. He has said to me "I want to HIT the baby in the belly!" "Go away, baby in the belly!" "No want baby brother. No want baby sister." and every other variety you can imagine. So I can commiserate. Good luck to you.

  12. I'm a pa-jah-ma person myself, but the hubby is a pi-yama person. What can I say, he's Latin. ;)

    Loving that bump, mama! Don't worry about Jordan. He'll come around eventually.


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