Monday, November 14, 2011

All the dishes rattle in the cupboards when the elephants arrive

We met four years ago last night.

I must mention, because a friend asked, that this is a NOW picture, not a THEN picture. Although it made me think how funny it would be if I had whipped out a camera to document each first date.

Awkward, no? Plus, I'd need an extra hard drive just to store them all.

So, I wanted a picture that showed us and showed the couch and the room so it included some atmosphere. But Nick chose to ask a couple sitting like 15 inches from us to take a picture. And so we loom LARGE in the photo.

(And no, I'm not sure why I'm hell-bent on capitalizing shit today.)

And also: I have to show you what I wore. I love this dress. I got it in Paris and it is A-line and knit and accommodating and I can still wear it and it has such cute flowers and embroidered collar and sleeves and did I tell you I love it?I love the anniversary of our meeting more than our wedding anniversary.

And not just because the service at the Tabard is so much kinder and friendlier than our wedding venue. Even though the place is spectacular and I do feel very fortunate that Nick's father is so into genealogy and found an illustrious dead ancestor (are ancestors necessarily dead? I think so) so that he could belong to this particular society and Nick therefore could belong, which ultimately resulted in us getting married at an affordable and spectacular venue.

But also at the Tabard they let you drink red wine and set things on tables and aren't all pursed-lipped and unhelpfully rulesy, thus making you want to spray urine in their corners.

Which I would of course never do. Of course.

So they do have a couple things up on the wedding venue. Plus I don't suppose anyone actually celebrates their anniversary precisely where they had their wedding.

God, I can speculate about useless crap, can't I?


I think the main reason I like our first date anniversary is that first dates are so fraught.

By the time our wedding happened, there was no uncertainty left. Walking into a first date? No certainty whatsoever. When I started doing all the Internet dating, I was excited about first dates. Honestly.

Oh, the possibilities!

And as you know, by the time I met Nick, I canceled our first first date, because I had already had so many that not only had all the excitement been squozen out of me, but I was tired and jaded and fully prepared to loathe him by halfway through the first glass of wine.

I write about this every year, so I won't bore you with the rhapsodizing or the oh-thank-Godding on luck turning my way again this year.

But...I still feel lucky, so very lucky. And not only because meeting Nick meant I never had to die alone again.

So far, of course. I suppose he could always get hit by a bus.

Look both ways, Nick. I mean it.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Lovely photo of the two of you. I adore your dress from Paris, it's perfect for you and you're beautiful! I'll never get tired of hearing yours and Nick's love story, it's so sweet and wonderful.

    I met a guy a couple of weeks ago at a Halloween party - fingers crossed. I saw him the following weekend at a football watch party and he was wearing a costume/uniform. I was all "Do you and your friends wear costumes every weekend?"

    He laughed. I was serious. He's cute so I let it go :)

  2. Happy anniversary to both of you! the pictures are great! Um...both of you look both ways - k?

  3. You look so lovely! And... tall. Next to Nick, I mean. :o)

    I'm so happy you're happy.

  4. Happy anniversary! I agree about your dress. It is lovely-pretty. It's so wonderful that your reminiscing about meeting Nick has such a glow to it. May I remain as thankful and appreciative about the people I'm blessed with in life also.

  5. Happy anniversary! I'm with you on preferring celebrating the meeting than the wedding. The meeting/first date was far more unexpected, and it makes it so much more special.

  6. I understand celebrating meetings :) That way I get to celebrate special days with special men, some of whom still are special friends, and not all of whom I married.

  7. HK - Thank you, sweetie! I am certain he was absolutely charmed. I know you meant it seriously. But that's such a funny thing to say! Really funny.

    Kate - Thank you! And the truth is, I'm an incorrigible jaywalker. I do look, but he's more likely to be on the sidewalk waiting for the light than I am.

    Jessica - I chose the photo location. :) I've been trying to make a photo card and it's so difficult because of the height disparity!

    A.K. - You just made me realize that I should do more focusing on people I'm blessed with in life. I tend to not think about that enough.

    click clack gorilla - Yes, I agree exactly. Totally unexpected, and that does make it more special to me.

    That gentleman's lady - That made me giggle: "not all of whom I married."


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