Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Last Friday I introduced India to DC bureaucracy; we took a trip to the car inspection station.

See, I had like two days until my inspection ran out. Nick, he gets things done ahead of time. Me, I wait until it's down to the wire. I was actually going to get it done the week prior; I hadn't counted on having a baby already.

I haven't yet started pumping (dread, dread) so I hauled little India along with me.

It was shockingly painless. I had an appointment. I was 15 minutes late, but they were fine with it, and sent me around back. They inspected my car quickly.

Men held the door for us. People complimented my baby. Nobody commented on the fact that I was driving kind of erratically and looked like a zombie.

The guy at the desk explained why, even though I was ahead of deadline for getting my car inspected, I had gotten charged a $20 late fee when I renewed my registration online.

Wanna hear it? Because I got my car inspected late last time. Last time as in two years ago. They can't collect until you are up for renewal.


He was delighted I was taking his picture to commemorate India's first DC DMV adventure. Even though he doesn't look like it.

And then over the weekend we had a family outing to the Diner. We typically bring a couple cars for Jordan because he quickly gets bored coloring and waiting for food. This time he packed his own bag.

Behold his definition of the bare necessities:


  1. I am so glad that the DMV outing went well! It's like the Universe knew you needed a little slack.

    And clearly, J likes to be prepared for any eventuality, which is not necessarily a bad quality.

    1. Yes! It could've been terrible and it was great. And you are, of course, right. It's good to be prepared. God, I wonder if he'll want to be a Boy Scout? I was the worst Girl Scout on the planet, but I guess Nick will be the one who would have to go camping and such, huh?

  2. Nobody commented on you resembling a zombie because, lady, you're beautiful. India really brightens up the inspection station. Menagerie is such a lovely word (photo title), I like how J's beverage is mixed right in with cars.

  3. I so understand the over-packing mentality... no chance of hime getting bored here! Also, whilst you can always bring a baby when facing bureaucracy!!
    (p.s. I'm incognito...)

  4. Both your children are so beautiful [how could the people at DMV not want to be lovely to you and India when she glows so?]. And of course Jordan wanted to pack as much as he could carry: He doesn't want to keep losing things, remember? What he has is very important to him now. He does look adorable in his picture. I hope he's feeling much better and more comfortable about his new sister, confident again about his place in his family. To those of us who don't live with him, he seems the perfect little boy.

  5. I should have added: I very much doubt you looked like a zombie. You may well FEEL like a zombie, as that's normal for a mother of a newborn. But I think it's unlikely you looked like one. No opinion on your driving, but I'm glad it went well and everyone's home safely now

  6. Hey, great shot of India and DMV guy - which gives me an idea. You could take shots of her where ever you go, but instead of just family, also take one of her without, like those garden gnomes that travel all over the world. Oh, I know, shocking how dufus-y I can be.

    You guys going out to a diner already? You're so cool!

  7. LOVE his 'delighted' look!

  8. hehehe I love it!! Jordan and India are taking the world by storm.


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