Friday, May 18, 2012

You say there's always gonna be this thing; Between us days are filled with dreams

I don't know how you've spent the last three days, but here's how I have: holding, nursing, and walking a baby who does not want to be put down.

Basically, she will nurse and then fall asleep on you and you will think that she is safely asleep, and you'll carefully put her down and gently back away...and three scant minutes later she'll wake up all "WHO THE FUCK SAID YOU COULD PUT ME DOWN? PICK ME UP RIGHT NOW, WOMAN! AND I'LL NEED A BOOB, STAT!"

Seriously. As soon as she's awake, she thinks she needs to eat. We walked to my office yesterday because I'd somehow missed one of the FMLA forms and it's coming up on the deadline. Plus, of course, I wanted to introduce India to my friends.

Before we left I nursed her, and she fell asleep, and I thought we'd be safe till we got home...and then, not 20 minutes later, as we were walking, she was rudely awakened by a car horn. She started wailing hysterically.

And thus I found myself sitting on a church wall on 16th Street breastfeeding my child. We had a big muslin blanket over us, so neither of us were exposed. But I still felt like it was either a new high (I can breastfeed anywhere! Next, a trapeze!) or a new low (Seriously? Whipping out the boobs right behind a bus stop on 16th Street?).

Not sure.

Mainly I've spent a lot lot lot of time in Nick's big red chair, which I now call Command Center.

I try to have my iPhone, my Kindle, a glass of water, and a cup of tea within arm's reach at all times. I have the Boppy right next to the chair, when it's not in my lap.

The nice thing about being confined to a chair for days on end is that I've done a great deal of guilt-free reading. You can't do laundry or dishes while stuck in a chair. But you can read!

I've reread all the Harry Potters and the Twilights. I didn't want anything new; I just wanted brain candy.

They were all delicious. And maybe because I'm so tired and fuzzy-brained, I wasn't even bothered by the exclusive use of, what, five adjectives? in the vampire books. Also, I'm still Team Jacob.

But now, alas, they are done. If you have any recommendations along those lines, I would love to hear them.

Also, I was scrolling and typing on the iPhone so much that my right thumb got sore. So I'm knocking off the reading and writing on the iPhone business for a bit. If you've emailed me lately and haven't heard back - it's not personal.

Which is not to say that I haven't spent an extraordinary amount of time just staring down at India. Because I find her captivating.

Of course, sometimes I'm held a little more captive than I'd like. Yesterday Betty took India-holding duty for an hour and a half so I could nap.

But when I get antsy I try to remind myself that I need to enjoy her while she's all itty bitty and snugglicious. And she is. Ohhh, she is.

It's spectacular and sunny and supposed to stay that way! Happy weekend, all!


  1. Well, this is lovely news. Tobias was also a child who snuggled and would not be put down, no way no how. Approaching 4 now, he is still all affection, all the time. Hugs, kisses, leg tackles. And not just with me. With our neighbors, with his pals.
    I'm so glad to hear you're faring well -- and guess what? You have a package to look forward to. The UPS Store tells me it should arrive Monday.

  2. She looks so precious! I came to think about this blog post when I heard about how she doesent want to be put down: maybe worth a try?

  3. I just finished reading the Harry Potters too (yay for the ebook versions!). Were the Twilight books better than the films? I kinda feel like I'm missing out, but when I watched the first film I thought, "There's two hours of my life I'll never get back."

    A book I read recently and enjoyed very much was:

    Have fun cuddling with your snugglepuss.

  4. She is just a doll. Have you thought about a sling r wrap so you can carry her all snuggled up and still go about your day? Let me know f you are interested, I'll send you one to try.

  5. maiden is right, just sling her around. so books: hunger games, game of thrones, outlander, pillars of the earth, when I think of more, I'll email. I did exactly the same thing, feeding, reading holding baby and drinking a boatload of water to keep the boobies full. can't wait to cuddle her.

  6. India is beautiful! I saw this photo and beamed, I imagine it's hard for you not to stare and be captivated with her, aww. Next a trapeze....too funny. You could totally do it, too.

    One of the reasons I sent you an email is because I figured you might need reading material (not that it was exciting to read, there was no plot or lore). No reply expected with all you've got going on! I'm reading Pride and Prejudice right now...just got to the good part, I wanted to read a story I love and be in Elizabeth's head for a bit, you know?

    Hugs to you, hope you've had a wonderful weekend!

  7. If you like thriller-mysteries, try John Sandford's "Prey" series. There's about 20 of them and they're all pretty good.

    And cheer up, this'll all be over in about 20 years.

  8. I guess Hunger Games isn't really light, what with all the children killing children business (though Voldemort isn't exactly rainbows and unicorns), but it's an easy fast read. I read each of the three books in about a day.

    My sister and I call babies "tree frogs" at the stage where they latch onto you like that. :)


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