Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Nanna's birthday and goodbye summer

Nanna's birthday was on Sunday. Here's Jordan singing Happy Birthday. I absolutely love it.
We took her out for brunch at Mintwood Place, which is both charming and delicious. 

Incidentally, he's wearing the hat I got her as well as his favorite pair of pajamas. The boy loves pink. And orange. And stripes. I myself would wear these jammies if they came in my size.

Which reminds me...I know that nobody thinks this is a good idea, but I did in fact buy myself this pair of stripey pink and purple leggings from Hanna Andersson. Benefit of being short enough for children's clothing.

I may also have gotten these boots, because there is just not enough whimsy in the adult world. And also, I am 12.

I sleep in them and they are ridiculously comfy. I mean the leggings, not the boots. I don't think I'm bold/foolish enough to wear them out of the house, although if I do, it'll be with both my children in stripes as well. Maybe Nick, too, although for him it'll be a conservative striped suit.

Not, however, his seersucker - he's already brought his suit to the cleaners, to be retired till next summer.

Which reminds me...what do you think about this no white after Labor Day and such business? I feel like it stays hotter longer than it used to. The light has shifted to fall, but it's still so warm and muggy.


  1. I'm sorry... but who doesn't think those are a good idea? Actually, you're right. I don't. I think they're a fantabulous idea!

    And the no white after Labor Day thing is a relic of the Victorian era, when society matrons created tons of arbitrary rules designed to distinguish themselves from the bourgeoisie. Complete and utter nonsense, in other words.

  2. Happy Birthday Betty! Jordan's rendition of Happy Birthday is so sweet.

    I think you're young at heart and chic - very unique :)

    I love white Easter dresses but cream colored sweaters and hats in winter time just the same. Wear white year-round, I say.

  3. The no white is also about shoes, not clothes. So you're good.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Betty from the Prairie!I loved how Jordan sang on key, AMAZING. And how stinkin special is this video?! Adorable!I hate that no white after labor day crap and yet, I might just judge someone who does it, thats really whack. I wanted to wear white capris this past weekend and felt like it was getting to close. It's so d u m b. I love how you are so very colorful in your clothing and house colors Lisa and so damned black and shite in your writing. Adore that.

  5. I wouldn't give a second thought if I saw someone in white after Labor Day, but then again I'm soooo not a fashionista and also don't own a single white piece of clothing.

    Love the leggings and the boots though, they look functional, on top of whimsical!

  6. Wear whit all year round I say, we do down here although most NZ'ers have this thing for black and grey most of the time. SO boring I always look for bright colours and I love that this summers fashion is all crisp clean brights....gorgeous stuff. My fav colour is orange but it isnt in fashion very often but what do you know Orange is the IN colour this summer down here....happy days :)

  7. I hope you have a pair of the pink and orange ones too! I will be frankly shocked if you do not.

    Happy happy birthday to Betty! And J has such a sweet singing voice!

  8. Those boots are adorable! And here's another vote for wearing white any damn time you please, regardles of season!

    In other news, there are many hilarious (hi.lari.ous, I tell you) stories circling round my family about how when I was a newly-potty-trained toddler, I had an obsession with seeing every public restroom in existence. Any time we went anywhere, I would apparently proclaim a desperate need to pee...just 'cause I wanted to check out the bathroom digs. My parents/aunts/caretakers of course had no way of knowing whether or not I really had to pee or just wanted to go sightseeing (I obviously wouldn't tell them which it was, being a complete asshole of a toddler), so, not wanting to take the risk of ignoring me the one time I maybe actually did have to pee, they carted me off to the nearest bathroom every time. Every. Damn. Time. I only actually used the facilities about 1 time out of every 20, I'm told. They like to call that period of my life the Tour of America's Bathrooms. Hilarious, I tell you. :) Anyway. No advice on how to avoid this charming aspect of potential toddler behavior...just a heads up...

    1. And, of course I meant to comment with that charming story on your post about the green-pants-shopping and Jordan constantly saying he needed to pee... *sigh* Oops!

  9. There really isn't enough whimsy in the adult world, those boots are great! As are the leggings and you should totally wear them out of the house, wouldn't they make you happy?!


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