Thursday, April 11, 2013

Various variousness. And anyway. It's a moo point.

In case you were wondering: 

1. I haven't said anything to the guy. Nick thinks I should just stay out of it. And I've only seen him in passing. And it's my understanding that they have moved, so will be changing day cares once they find one.

So, I'm leaving it. Unless I see bad behavior. And then, then I will say something. I don't know what.

2. Also, I didn't buy the platform sneaks.

At the end of the day, I decided that I really don't understand them, and I can't wear things I don't understand. Where would I wear them?

If I'm running around with my kids, I'm not wearing platforms. If I'm trying to look cute, I'm not wearing sneakers. If I'm dressing up, I'm wearing hottie platform sandals or boots, depending on the coldness of the weather.

Which reminds me: 3. holy cow, is it spectacular out! Oh, delightful! Delovely! Sunny and happy and amaaaazing!

Which, with the holy cow, reminds me further: 4. Moo! Sort of.

So yesterday, my dear friend Jessica mentioned a peeve -- a pet peeve, if you will (heh heh) -- on Facebook: "It's LO and behold, people. LO. Not "low". /head asplode."

She got some delightful responses playing with the English language. I don't feel right copying the words of people I don't know, so I will just tell you that there were a number of creative misuses and misspellings.

Me, I got all fixated on low. Low? Low! Cows! Low! 

So I left a comment, "Unless you're talking to a cow. Low and behold! Or perhaps, low and be held?"

Then it occurred to me! I went back and commented again! "Low and be herd!"

You know how something will grab you and tickle you and you just can't let go of it? That's how this was with me.

I could. Not. Stop.

Swing low (and behold), sweet chariot?

Sweet'N Low ('N Behold)?

And then, then my lovely friend replied, "You know, I'd die of apoplexy, but my head asploded already, so it's a moo point."


Low and be Holstein!

Then I decided to quit while I was ahead, so as not to annoy her on Facebook.

I emailed her instead: (Low and be)hold me closer Tony Danza...

I'm not proud.


Tell me about it.