Monday, March 09, 2015

Boot is the new black

You know how you learn a new word or hear of something for the first time and then suddenly you see this word or thing 54 times in the next few days?

I have seen so many booted people lately. Every third person on the street is wearing a boot.

OK, I exaggerate. But there are a lot!

It's like suddenly I became hyper-aware of boots, and lo, there they already were, all around me.

Nick has stopped wearing his, even though he hasn't yet gone back to the doctor. Our doctor.

And I can understand it. The boot is a hassle. Not just clomping around in it, but finding a shoe that matches it in height. It makes your hips and back hurt to be off-balance like that. Most importantly, his achilles is no longer achillin' him. (No, I will never let that go.)

Now, on the one hand I was thinking maybe he should wait until the doctor deems him healed. But on the other, I was relieved.

The other day we walked over to our friends' house together. They live about six or seven blocks away. Not far, but far enough when you're booting.

We were both in our respective boots, when we saw people walking towards us on the sidewalk, I put a little distance between us and pretended Nick and I didn't know each other.

I'm not proud of this fact, but it's true. (Also, Nick didn't know I was doing this. Until now.)

Anyway, I figured that if anyone looked at our boots and laughed at us, I'd go ahead and be all, "What? We met at a boot support group!"


  1. When I broke my leg as a child, I was in plaster up to my hip for the first six weeks, and I was in a walking cast for the next six weeks. What my mom did was take the left shoe from an old pair of shoes to the cobbler and have him add additional layers of sole until it was as tall as the walking cast. It kinda looked like a Frankenstein boot, but it worked and kept me from limping.

    Just a thought...

    1. Wow, your mom was smart and creative! And how terrible to be in a plaster cast up to your hip. How'd you break your leg? I went to DSW and bought a pair of running shoes with a lot of cushioning, and I've put another insole in, and now my feet are about the same height. And if I use a couple insoles, I have another shoe or two that I can wear. But it is tedious.


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